Natural Thinking – Unleashed

Natural thinking is where you compare your personal experiences in life to new information coming into your mind to logically see if this new information is true or not.  The more personal experiences you have in life, the more personal information that you have at your disposal to compare other information against.

So, the more experiences you have in life the easier it is to run these comparisons through your mind.  But if your mind is full of clutter like pretty much everyone who has been raised in America, then you will have a hard time processing this information until you start getting all of those unnatural ideas like hate, greed, pride, etc. out of your mind so that you can use that mind-space for more constructive thoughts.

Clarity of mind is necessary if you want to become more intelligent.  Intelligence is the speed at which we process information.  Children are, by far, more intelligent than most adults because they don’t have a mind full of clutter yet that you and I have been collecting for years.  That clutter consists of ideas and thoughts that make no sense or have no real value in life itself.

In my ‘THE TRUTH – Unleashed’ writeup, I show people how they can start effectively clearing their mind of all this useless trash society throws at us and become more intelligent, through that process, than anybody they currently know.  It really isn’t that difficult to do but you will have to be ready to start admitting to yourself that much of what you have been taught was based on deceitful ideas, which means that a lot of what you had been taught is not actually true.  This is what it means to become ‘honest with yourself’.

Most of us will try to hold onto what we have been taught because of pride, rather than admit that we have been deceived through indoctrination for so long.  As they say, “The Truth hurts”!  But look at it from this perspective, almost everyone else has been fooled also, so you are not alone!

If you can overcome your pride and do as I suggest for clearing your mind, you will be giving a super-boost to your own mind expansion and you will discover that it is absolutely amazing when you ‘put your mind in gear’ and get it working at speeds that it was meant for!  Our minds are far more powerful than you or I can currently imagine, and I believe that I am only scratching the surface so far!

Learning in Truth, from myself, is the first time in my life that I have enjoyed learning!  I’m 50 years old now and 47 years of that I had been indoctrinated by the church into a whole cesspool of lies.  Since America is built off of the church’s ideologies, it makes it hard for anyone in this country to not be indoctrinated into the church’s ideas.  And since our government is built off of the churches foundation of lies, it had to compound those lies and unnatural ideas in order for it to exist.  Very little in our society makes any sense and is simply confusing because of this poor foundation for a society that has been created to keep us from realizing the Truth.

I am not only going to describe the real Truths behind Autism and what is causing it and help others to free their minds and start thinking for themselves, but I am also starting to put the church, the government, and anyone else who wants a piece of me, through a ‘paper shredder of Truth’!  They cannot deny the Truth because it actually makes sense far and beyond all of the BS they have been feeding us.  The only thing left for them to do is run and hide and I think they are going to start getting very good at that.

The funny thing about the church is that it is full of a lot of good people and the pastors really care about helping others but they have all accepted what they have been taught in ignorance, assuming that it is true!  The Bible, Jesus, Buddha, and so many others ALL taught to question everything and to never accept anything in ignorance!  Yet here we are in a society built by the church that thrives off of being ignorant!  The sad part is that Pastors actually keep themselves in a dumbed-down state by trying to hold onto a bunch of ideas that don’t make any sense and have no meaning that can be explained logically.  Nature is very logical, humanity is not!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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