A Great Way to Start Expanding Your Mind – Unleashed

We need to become Honest with ourselves in order to start expanding our mind because the less conflicts within your own mind, the clearer you can start to think on a daily basis!

About a year ago I started going outside in the morning right after waking up, away from all technology or people that would be a distraction, and started writing down, with a pen and paper, all of my personal thoughts!  I very quickly started realizing a lot of the lies I was living through doing this!

Because when you write down your personal thoughts, now it is much harder for you to contradict yourself without realizing what you are doing!  i.e. It forces you into becoming Honest with yourself!

If you do this for a week or two and once in a while reflect on your own writings, your mind will start to expand tremendously!

Within the first 2 weeks of doing this I started coming up with all kinds of very unique business ideas, one of which was an ad I had developed that I was going to sell for $100,000 to a fast food chain!  I never did sell it though because the idea of the ad was to manipulate people into buying from that specific fast-food chain!  This idea of manipulating people out of their money is something I am very much against because this is a deceitful way of doing business!  It is NOT Natural to manipulate people!

As your own mind expansion begins, you will start coming up with unique ideas that are based off of your personal life’s experiences!  In other words,… You WILL start Thinking for Yourself!  This is very uncommon in today’s society, but all of those people’s famous names we know of in our history books were all doing the same thing!

As the saying goes, ‘If you want to become successful in life, all you have to do is the opposite of everyone else!’  Can you think of anyone else doing what I am suggesting here?  Probably not because it is not common for people to Think for Themselves!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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