Relationship Advice for Men – Unleashed

For Men – All Women would agree

If you want to have a Great relationship with a woman then you need to start doing a few things that many men are not used to doing!

Just over a year ago, I saved a puppy from someone that was abusing her!

I immediately took off all her restraints and also the leash, when I wasn’t near roadways!

I gave her the freedom that all species deserve, and for that, she stuck by my side and never tried to run away!  This whole ‘owning’ an animal mentality is not natural and is against natures laws of equality!  They are our friends and should be treated as well as any friend should!

2 days into having her with me, I figured out that she was completely deaf!  The guy I had saved her from had her for a few months and was constantly yelling at her and getting pissed off at her because she never responded to him!  If only he would have let her be free and let her off the restraints so she could play, then maybe he would have realized that she was deaf!

Anyways, I started taking her to dog parks so she could socialize with other dogs!  I respected her as an equal and tried to never talk down to her!  By doing this at dog parks, I started to draw a lot of attention to myself!  And many very beautiful women, less than half my age, started giving their phone numbers to me!  I wasn’t trying to get their phone numbers, but they gave them to me anyways!

I’m not like one of these models or actors on TV, so what was happening had nothing to do with my looks!  After a while I figured out what it was!

I treated my puppy friend with more respect than most men treat women and those women saw this very quickly!

So, men, start respecting women and start also to be completely honest with them!  Stop trying to be that tough guy all the time!

I think you will find amazing results if you do this!

Also, if you expect women to do something that you are unwilling to do yourself, then you need to Grow up and become a Real Man!  Because Real men never expect someone else to change their diapers for them!  Start changing your own!  Except for breast feeding because that probably won’t work out to well!

In other words, if you think it is below you to share in doing things like dishes, laundry, cooking or cleaning, then just wait until someone like me comes along and watch her leave you for him!  Then you will be forced to man up or you’ll just turn into an irresponsible slob!

-Doug Chandler

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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