Humor – Dead Sea Scrolls Everywhere – Unleashed

A most curious Dead Sea scroll has just recently been found!

Apparently it had been written by someone who was hiding in a bush from Jesus and His disciples!

It seemed to be an argument of some sort and although much of it has been destroyed, this is what they were able to recover from it;

…and Jesus swung the fish around and slapped John with it while laughing joyously! John being the good man he was, turned the other cheek, only to get slapped even harder with a bigger fish!

In seeing this, Jesus wife Mary got enraged, took both fish from Jesus, And then leveled Him with a right upper cut, While the other disciples were roaring with laughter!…

The rest of the scroll was destroyed also!

The Jewish monastery has decided to keep this scroll hidden away until they can figure out what kind of fish was used in the fight!

-Doug Chandler

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