The Core Teachings of Christ Will Blow Your Mind – Unleashed

To put it very simple, Jesus was trying to get us back to a state of mind that all of us have already experienced but were just too young at the time to understand it!  Jesus understood that anyone could do this because we have all already been there, done that, we just lacked the knowledge at the time to understand it.

Jesus had nothing whatsoever to do with religion and he almost completely destroyed the church (True History of The Church) while helping others to understand that if they wanted to be like he was, all they had to do was to lose some bad traits they had gotten from society and simply become who they once were.  Because it was through people now having some experiences in life, that they didn’t have when they were babies, that really makes all the difference.

Once you attain getting back to this childhood mindset, it will absolutely blow your mind and you will start seeing the Truth in all things and you start learning faster than you have ever learned anything in your life!  It is completely amazing, and it is the REAL meaning behind being ‘born again’!  By following in his footsteps, I am learning so much, so quickly, that it is simply ridiculous, and it is all from my own experiences in life!  I don’t need to learn anything from anyone else because I’m already learning too much from myself!  LOL

It’s like my mind has been recording everything in my life and now I am getting access to it!  And each of those experiences I just keep learning more and more from as I understand life at deeper levels!  It is too bad that almost 50 years of my life were caught up in the church’s indoctrinations.

-Doug Chandler

What are your thoughts on this?

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