How to Become Honest with Yourself – Unleashed

I became very Honest with myself by first questioning my own beliefs understanding that they might not all be true!  This started me down the road in realizing that almost everything I had been taught was completely illogical!

I started this process by writing down all of my personal thoughts each morning and then going back through them to discover discrepancies which didn’t make sense.  I then threw out these illogical ideas and held onto the ones that did make sense.

As you do this your mind will start to become clearer and clearer with a continuous result of you becoming more intelligent in your thinking process!

At first you will start having epiphanies and as you become far more intelligent than you have ever been these epiphanies will just start blending together in a never-ending barrage of great ideas and brilliant observations of what is going on around you!

And this is only the beginning of the Freeing of a Brilliant Mind, and that mind will be your own if you responsibly choose to do so!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

2 thoughts on “How to Become Honest with Yourself – Unleashed”

  1. I’ve found a couple of paradoxes that come from developing your honesty.

    Firstly, it doesn’t change subjectively. As I become more honest with myself I start to notice more and more self-deceit that I’d previously hidden behind my other dishonesties. I never feel more honest because my way of perceiving it shifts in parallel with my way of practicing it.

    Secondly, the world becomes more dishonest. As I uncover and (hopefully) dispense with the dishonesty in myself similar kinds of dishonesty in others becomes more obvious. It’s especially bad in regards to the ‘social’ self-deceits we’re expected to practice in order to ‘belong’ to our communities. As that sort of thing becomes less acceptable and more hypocritical to me I become more alienated from my society and the lies it has decided are useful or necessary (especially pretty much the entire marketing industry).

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    1. Yes, I have also alienated myself from society and all of my family. We won’t have to alienate ourselves forever though because more and more people are going to start following this positive trend of thinking for ourselves. Soon all this deceit and lies, that we had been indoctrinated into living, are going to disappear, and along with them will go the entities that started it all in the first place.

      You seem like a much better writer than I am! Do you think you could write up in your own words and as simple as you can make it, a short paper that explains how you started becoming honest with yourself and then share it with me so I can post it here on my blog?
      That way there would be an additional resource here for becoming honest with ourselves that isn’t the exact same way as I did it.
      When people can read both from two different perspectives, it will make it easier for them to understand what we are talking about.

      Thank you!

      Oh, and by the way, I grew up for 47 years on the ideologies of the church, so when I started questioning the ideas I had been raised on I started to realize that about 80% of my life was based on lies. So I decided to start ignoring what the church was teaching about Jesus Christ and instead started focusing on what Jesus Christ himself was teaching that the church so conveniently removed from the Bible because Jesus Christs own words contradicted almost everything that the church is currently teaching.
      3 years ago I was as dumb as a rock, I was rarely ever happy, and I was starting to become suicidal! I started implementing Christs teachings into my life very quickly and now that I understand him so much better, I can share with others in today’s words what he was really teaching, because quite honestly, 2,000 year old lingo is pretty hard to completely understand.
      The Core Teachings of Christ Will Blow Your Mind – Unleashed

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