The Use of Our Memory – Unleashed

We use our memory to memorize things that don’t make sense to us and often those ideas are illogical which causes us to bog down our own memory with thoughts that we don’t really need!

Once we understand something to be True, we no longer need to memorize it because it will become a part of our life itself!

This frees up our memory to think about other things!

The problem in our society today is that we are being bombarded with so many illogical ideas that it simply consumes our memory causing us to always be confused which then bogs down our mind so it can’t be used efficiently!  This is why sitting around watching TV or Playing on our electronics for extended periods of time is so detrimental to our own minds!  It is simply too much information that we are not able to process efficiently and the more we do it the more confused we get resulting in the destruction of our own minds!

I’m sorry to put it this way but if you can’t stop using electronics at will, then you will only continue to get dumber!  Allowing electronics to Control our lives is a very bad idea!

It is as simple as this!  If you are allowing an electronic device to think for you then you are not anymore thinking for yourself!  This is a downhill trend anyway you look at it!

Freedom of Mind (Clarity of thought) is when you start thinking for yourself without any outside influence!  Hence, taking a break from all electronics, is the best solution to getting your mind started into an evolutionary process that I am using very effectively!  And EVERYONE has the potential to think this way, but it is up to them to get themselves started!

People with no self-control will have a very hard time ever expanding their own mind!

Taking responsibility for what we are putting into our minds will, as a result, create a responsible output!

Denying logical reasoning is simply a path to being irresponsible!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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