Why I Am Against Christianity – Unleashed

There are a lot of good people in Christianity but those people in their naiveness are being taken advantage of!

One of these ways is through illogical magical stories meant to impress them with fascination!

They don’t call them magical though but instead call them miracles to make it sound more divine!

One of the most common is the story of Jesus magically transforming one fish into enough to feed 5,000 people.  Oh wait, it was a miracle!

So we are amazed with this story and since it is being presented by the church we assume that it must be true because in a naïve persons mind, the church would never lie to us.

So, let’s assume that it is True!

Then let’s question some of the realities surrounding it!

  1. Jesus was a fisherman part of his life which means he wasn’t hanging out down by the river catching 2-3 lb. trout.  If he was he would have gone on his own teachings of ‘teaching a man to fish, rather than just feeding him for a day’ lesson.
  2. Since he was a fisherman and the seas were just plumb full of huge fish, because humanity hadn’t fished most of them to extinction yet, then he would have used a harpoon if he knew that he was going to be feeding a large group of people, because that would have been the most efficient way of doing it!
  3. People often exaggerate numbers and the fact that this number is exactly 5,000 means that it was exaggerated.  2,000 years ago this number could have been just 50 people, or maybe even less.
  4. Have you ever tried to count just 50 people that are all wandering around?  It is simply confusing as they intermingle and even that small of a number would be hard to get to accurately.  Now imagine trying to count 5,000 people wandering around!  It would be virtually impossible unless they all lined up for you until you got done counting them.
  5. Even today we can’t seem to get to that accurate of a number with using computers.  Just look at our political system and all the constant miscounts even though they are using computers, or calculators, which don’t lie about mathematical calculations!

These are just some of the realities surrounding this story that make it seem to be very exaggerated and manipulative to the masses, if even true at all.

(There are several variations of this story going around partially due to the fact that the church keeps rewriting the Bible while changing things along the way.  Oh, and if you attempt to rewrite the Bible or ad onto it, you are going to hell, because only the church can do whatever they want.)

(I think in one of the stories Jesus actually goes to McDonalds and buys everyone Fish Filets! ;P) LOL

Just because it is a story in the Bible doesn’t necessarily make it true!

If that were the case, then ALL government employees are sent by God as described in Romans 13!  Don’t you think that is a far stretch from the Truth?  That Clinton, Bush, Trump, Obama, and all previous presidents were sent by God… LOL

The church often teaches that the Bible doesn’t contradict itself, yet I have found hundreds of contradictions just like this one that the church can’t explain, so they will simply change the subject, because when you are being proven wrong in your ideology, your first response is to try and avoid that subject and being proven wrong, by changing the subject!  We all do this to some extent to avoid being wrong!  How shortsighted of us!

Being Humble like Jesus is the ability to admit when you are wrong.   Too bad the church never considers actually ‘walking in Christ’s footsteps’ for a day or so!

-Since I was raised on Christianity, this gives me the ability to help others understand the Truth through my own personal experiences!

When you become Free-Thinking, you actually learn from yourself far more than you learn from others!  This is a more natural way of learning!  Learning from our own personal experiences is a far more Honest way to learn rather than just accepting what others are telling us!

So start ‘Thinking for Yourself’!  This is a message the church and government will never promote to you!  Do you ever wonder why?  Kind of obvious, don’t ‘you think’?

You can’t Control someone if you teach them to think for themselves!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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