Getting Back to Nature – Unleashed

The church says that if anyone tries to re-write or ad onto the Bible, that person is going to hell.  The only exception to this seems to be of the church itself as it has rewritten the Bible at least 42 times.

The Bible is just a book of morals that tries to teach us, through very old stories, how to get back to the morals that we were born with!

The Bible has been in the control of the church for 2 millennium and the church has added content to it so that their god is included in it!  Because the god of the church and the god that is in all living things are two completely different gods.

The god of the church expects you to do as he says and bow down and worship him for his eternal love!  That is a very twisted version of love if you ask me.  Have you ever loved someone and then expected them to bow down and worship you?  The god of domination.

The god in nature doesn’t place importance on himself and simply expects you to respect the rest of nature.  The more you do so the more you will be rewarded with greater understanding of life!  Knowledge is gained through clarity of mind and our connection with the rest of nature!  We also must accept the consequences (accountability) of our actions because each of our lives is the result of choices we have made for ourselves and if you want the results to change, then you must first start making better choices.  Jesus, Buddha, and so many others have taught this in the past!  Each of them did it from their own perspectives and different cultures so it appeared as though they were teaching different things.

The Bible is against Pride, just as Jesus, Buddha, and so many others were.  Some parts were added onto the Bible that speak of god’s wrath (anger)!  Anger is derived from pride which would mean that the churches god is very prideful!  He is that which he is against!  The god of hypocrisy.

The devil is known as ‘The Great Deceiver’ yet if you ask around, Pastors can’t come up with anything to support that title!  Maybe it is because his greatest deceit is the church itself!

We are born in purity which means we are the closest, we will probably ever get, to the god of nature at this point in our life.  Pastors will often say that we are all sinners and the last one that told me that I asked, “So what sin has a newborn baby committed?”.  He just looked at me dumbfounded because he knew right there that he had just been caught in a lie.  A lie that he had simply assumed was true because his father or pastor told him so.  This is why we should question all things just as Jesus, Buddha, and so many others have taught.

Everything today is based off of the church!  Our government and our educational system are great examples.

When we are born, greed, pride, self-loathing, fear and ignorance are not a part of our life.  Each of these bad attributes are trained into us by a society that was created by the church.  So, we are corrupted more and more as time goes on.  We trust our parents assuming that what they teach us is true and they probably did the same with their parents!  To just assume that what your parents are teaching you is true is simply being ignorant.  It’s not that they don’t care about you, but they themselves blindly accepted a bunch of ideas without questioning the logic behind those ideas.  And trust me when I say that when it comes to the church itself, logic is simply thrown out the window.  Just accept and repeat what you are being told and you’ll do just fine, hell, you might even become a pastor yourself someday.

Jesus, Buddha, and many others were all trying to teach people how to get back to that natural state that we were born in!

Do you know what species that does not have these bad traits in them?  All of them!  Humanity is the only species on this planet that either causes or trains these bad attributes into animals and their own young.

In the beginning God created everything, the animals, and then humanity with humanity certainly being the least of these… LOL  At least he had his priorities in order!

It was heaven here on earth until humanity screwed up!  No where does it say that the rest of life on this planet screwed up which would suggest that the rest of life on this planet hasn’t changed and is the same as the day it was created.  This is assuming of course that you believe in creation by a higher power.

I think the idea of evolution and god have been pitted against each other on purpose because someone knew that most people will pick sides and very few will try to find the truth from both sides, or look at it from a neutral point of view.

The truth here is that getting rid of these unnatural attributes out of your mind actually cleans up your mind to work more efficiently and thereby attains more capacity for the truth itself.  At the same time nature is constantly evolving with new species to try and replenish the devastation humanity is having on this planet.

In the Bible it talks about justice being served in what it calls the end times.  The church depicts this as god coming down out of the sky, as if he had ever left.  God never left because he is a part of nature itself and we have come to a point where we are so destructive and don’t even care about nature anymore that he is creating new species with a sole purpose, too start wiping out humanity that isn’t being accountable for their own actions.  The virus is simply a new species of life that is starting to do just that.  Have you ever wondered why animals and children are being left untouched by the virus?  Because animals are simply innocent, and children are not old enough to be held accountable for their actions.

If this virus evolves into a 4th one, I am pretty sure that one will wipe out most of the people on this planet!  That is why I don’t fear this virus, because I understand the truth behind it and know that it is not for people like me.  I respect nature and I hold myself accountable for all of my actions.  I don’t run around blaming everyone else for the situations I get myself in through my own personal choices.  It would be immature of me to do so.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

-Doug Chandler

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