Cleaning Up America – Unleashed

I, Doug Chandler, am homeless in America and I understand that the majority of the homeless do not like holding signs because it makes them feel guilty about the ‘getting something for nothing’ idea!

So, here is an idea that can be passed on to other homeless by anyone who reads this!  By working together on this we can make a difference very quickly that will benefit our environment a lot and it is also giving the homeless something constructive to do that they might not have ever thought of.

Other homeless here is something you can do.

Buy some large trash bags and make up some signs that say something like mine do.

“Homeless Clean-up Crew” and “Donations Help Us Survive”

Now go fly your signs while you are picking up trash!  2 or more people make it easier to hold a sign and pick up trash.

You will get a lot of people thanking you as well as more financial support because people will recognize right away that you are helping to clean up the environment.  This also helps to create positive habits.

Please Pass-On this idea to others!  If you are at home reading this, there is a download link at the bottom of this page.  Make some copies and next time you see a homeless guy, give him/her a buck and a copy of this letter.  You just might get a trend started within your own area!

Getting involved and sharing such a simple idea can make a huge impact on a country!

Thank you for your help.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

While focusing on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up America – Unleashed”

  1. I don’t know your situation so I want to say I am not here to judge you, nor can I relate to your situation because I have never been homeless myself. I have had troubled times, but always had a friend I could stay with etc. I have always donated to the homeless without question, ESPECIALLY when I see teens on the streets. I have to like stop myself from giving them all my money cause I feel so bad about their situation. More so than just donate, if it is not some crazed drugged up lunatic (cause let’s both admit there are those and yes they kinda can scare me) but if approachable I will stop and talk to them, figure they could use the company or I can learn something about their situation etc. People have millions of excuses not to help out the homeless or give and yes some are homeless by choice I am not saying it’s black and white, I am all for if I have to get a job and contribute to society while I agree with it or not, than so should everybody else if they can. But I am not so selfish I can’t buy somebody a meal. My favorite excuse from people is ‘the homeless will just spend my money on alcohol or drugs’ okay so buy them food? A jacket in the winter time….anything. No one said you had to straight up give them money. And EVEN THEN….if my money goes towards making somebody’s one night on the street better even it is going towards let’s say drugs then you know it is not really my place to judge because I have never been in that situation. But most importantly we as a country (both the states and Canada…I am Canadian and everywhere tbh) we can do a lot more to truly help the homeless. Everybody gets in difficult situations and everybody gets stuck. We all hit rock bottom and a person should never feel guilty for asking for a donation. Don’t let our selfish society bring you down. There are people out there like myself that gives selfishly and asks for nothing in return. BUT I think this is a great idea you shared here and yes helps everybody out.

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    1. Thank you myauthenticmind88 for your input!
      You are absolutely right about this situation in many ways. We shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for help but that is the system we have been indoctrinated into that says we must earn every dollar we get. But at the same time there are a few homeless (some not homeless) out there that have no guilt about taking money from others and those often take advantage of peoples generosity. These are the ones that main-stream media will portray to make the public believe that everyone who is homeless is taking advantage of the public.
      This causes a lot of people to avoid helping out the homeless.
      I agree also with helping them out at their level of need as this is something that is very rare with the exception of food which many of the homeless, that hold signs, tend to get an abundance of.
      So far as I’ve seen, none of the homeless have any purpose left in life and so they just live on a day to day basis without really any hope of their life improving. And when you lose hope, that is when you stop trying yourself to accomplish anything.
      I’ve met many homeless and this is a pretty common thing among them, one of the guys I see around kind of regularly only holds a sign long enough to get enough money for a little food, 2 cheap beers, and a pack of smokes for the day and the next day he does it again.
      In short, since the homeless have a lot of free time on their hands, this idea was to give them a little purpose in life.
      Your response has triggered in me something that says I need to write another paper explaining in far more detail my own homeless situation, compared to others, because it will open up a lot of peoples eyes to some of the underlying truths behind this very rapidly growing problem.
      So I thank you for triggering this within me and for inspiring me to expand on this situation!
      I will give more of my response, to things you mentioned in this post, in that paper.
      Have a Great Day!

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