The True God Stands for Equality Among All Living Things – Unleashed

I spent 47 years indoctrinated by the church, but I never completely gave into their ideas and I always questioned them, questions that they didn’t like to be asked.

Throughout my life I was always being guided by something and just a few years ago I finally figured out what it was, it is a power within all of nature that Christ referred to as God, for the lack of a better name.  (Although he didn’t actually use the word God, that is just what someone translated his wording into.)

I’ve also been Autistic for 30+ years and just about 3 years ago I was guided to do one last thing which was by far the hardest choice of all.  I was being guided to give up everything I had and completely start over.  So, I gave everything I had, that was useful to them, to the homeless and then did a lot of goodwill trips until I was down to a daypack and the clothes on my back.  I was then guided into the woods where I spent 2 weeks living off of berries alone because I hadn’t thought about saving some of that food for myself lol.  I did lose 20 lbs. 😊 During those two weeks I discovered how much more complex nature is than we had ever imagined and I was guided to places, I never would have found on my own, and shown behind the scenes various types of destruction that the church has led humanity in a completely destructive mind-frame without any consequences whatsoever for their actions.

I hadn’t realized until just recently that my entire life was an almost exact duplicate of Christs life and by that final step I took, I managed to lose all of the remaining bad attributes that Christ was teaching against.  I was at about the same level of thought process as Christ had been but I had decided to go further than that so I could understand nature itself and the power within that connects all of it.

As I get closer to it I believe that it is very logical and doesn’t have emotions of it’s own, yet it has had a lot of patience or forgiveness with humanity for their reign of destruction,  or maybe it just didn’t see it as a necessity yet to intervene, but now it has, and it is doing It, in many different ways, some of which I understand very clearly.

Autism is one of nature’s evolutionary ways of self-preserving young minds from the indoctrinations of society while getting them out of an educational system that is unethically and immorally feeding little children mind-altering drugs in the name of that educational system itself!  Anyone who allows this on their child doesn’t deserve to be a parent!  This will also force anyone who ever wishes to truly connect with their own child to start fighting back against their own indoctrination so that they can have a purer mindset like their child.

Each species of animals has been created with a purpose and many of those purposes had to do with working with humanity in one way or another.  But humanity has decided that it is above all other species and that animals have been created for their own entertainment of hunting them down and killing them for sport.

Humanity has become so dumb that they can’t even figure out that music artist, movie and series writers and many more have been guided in their writing, by the god in nature, to not only write in thoughts that help others to become aware of reality, but that they are also writing in, not prophecies, but warnings, of what is going to happen if humanity doesn’t start cleaning up its act.  The majority of movies and series today have messages within them from God as well as others that are almost being explicit and to the point of what is going to happen.

Humanity has been killing animals for sport, killing small creatures simply because they find them annoying, destroying massive amounts of life in the name of greed, and raising animals to slaughter just so that they may have the convenience of always having meat on the shelves, much of which goes to waste meaning many of those animals are being slaughtered for no purpose. Most of humanity has not shown any sympathy or emotion for their actions against nature.

All around the world animals are breeding at a much faster rate than they ever had.  At some point they will be given a directive to enjoy their next meal and I believe much of humanity deserves far worse than this so I will not show any emotions against fairness being served.

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer – This site will be exposing massive amounts of Truths that have been hidden from us. (

– Doug Chandler #ActuallyAutistic

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