God Bless America, Wait, Which God – Unleashed

The first thing to understand about this phrase is that the church created it.

“Any God that needs to use deception too gain followers is no God at all!” – Doug Chandler

Success in America is determined on how much money we make! (greed)

The very survival of the church is taking money from us in the name of God.

May the God of Greed Bless America!

We would agree that if another countries military came onto American soil and started telling us how we needed to live our lives, that we would immediately defend our land and attack them!  We call this self-defense!

Do any other countries have military bases on American soil?  Of course not, because we would never let that happen and we would attack anyone who tried to do that!  Self-defense

(In this scenario we are the victim!)

Currently America has invaded and installed military bases in over 150 countries, and we are telling them how they need to live their lives!

When anyone of these countries decide to defend their own soil from our presence there and try to push us off their land by attacking us, we claim that they are attacking us, and we are fighting back in self-defense or defending our country while trespassing on their land!

This is hypocrisy!

We always claim to be the victim, so we never have to take responsibility for our actions! (Accountability)

May the God of Hypocrisy Bless America!

The church that created America claims that their God defines Love, yet when was the last time you loved someone and expected them to bow down and worship you?

Love is defined as completely accepting someone for who they are, without trying to change them, while also treating each other with mutual respect! (Equality)

Treating someone as if they were below you is called domination!

May the God of Domination Bless America!

All of the above are deception!

May the God of Deception Bless America!

In America, we believe everything our government tells us without question!

We also run around repeating everything our government promotes through the media as if it were all true!

We never stop to think that maybe it would be a good idea to ‘Think for Ourselves’!

As a nation we are being ignorant!

The church leaders have been passing down information from one generation to the next without ever questioning the legitimacy of the content itself!

The first thing that Jesus Christ taught, was to question everything, so that you are not accepting a bunch of ideas in ignorance!

Congratulations church leaders on completely failing Christ’s own teachings, right from the start!

The original meaning, to a saying we have all heard, is about a Pastor leading his congregation!

That saying is, “The blind leading the blind!”

Church leaders are, for the most part, good people.  But they are some of the most ignorant people on this planet!  Those church leaders who know the Truth, are downright evil!

May the God of Ignorance Bless America!

In America we have allowed our government and Big Pharma to start feeding our children, as young as 7 yrs. Old, unnatural drugs in the name of public education!  Drugs that affect their brains and are destroying their natural learning abilities!

This is being negligent on Americas part!

May the God of Negligence Bless America!

We are too proud of a country to admit when we are wrong!

The church talks about God’s wrath (anger) in the parts of the Bible that they added into the Bible themselves because apparently, they weren’t intelligent enough, at the time, to realize that they were creating a hypocrite out of their God himself in doing so.

Anger is derived from Pride!

May the God of Pride Bless America!

In America we talk about God as if we ourselves are living up to the good morals that are taught in the Bible itself!

This is called self-deception!

May the God of Self-Deception Bless America!

And so, as I finish this off, I have one last thought!

May the God of the Church Bless America Into Oblivion!

But there is another God!  A Power within and a part of all nature itself!  It is within each one of us!

Jesus Christ and myself both referred to it as God, for the lack of a better name, even though, if I was in its position, I would prefer not to be called God because of the negative attributes the church has created around that name!

Actually, I don’t think it really cares though because it doesn’t have emotional issues like the God of the church does!  LOL

What I mean by that is that I don’t think it even has emotions because it doesn’t seem to me that it is trying to be vengeful but instead is simply trying to maintain a balance that humanity has been throwing off for a long time, even though they have had plenty of opportunities to stop their destructive ways.  Nature has given us a lot of chances to improve and we have failed all of them, so I believe this is our last chance.

I have seen many different ways that nature is working on that are all designed to start wiping out humanity to return the balance to the rest of nature.  This intelligence within nature is so far beyond our understanding that I would say that all of humanities intelligence is about as significant, compared to it, as a gold fish’s turd!  It is going to be very efficient in taking out humanity if it needs to do just that.  This more intelligent power within nature respects us as if we were equals and by doing so is setting an example of how we should respect other creatures of less intelligence.

This Power in nature inspired me to write this paper and I believe it is probably the shortest paper ever written that brings awareness to people while exposing a bunch of lies by the church itself!  The reason I think that is because if a paper was written like this before and was publicized, I don’t think the church would exist today.

This Power within nature is not perfect, because if it was, it never would have created humanity!  This same thing applies to the God of the church who is supposedly perfect and all knowing, if that were true then he never would have created humanity, nor would he have repeatedly screwed up after that like how he has become dependent upon humans to spread his word.  And he certainly wouldn’t talk about how he expects us to be responsible for our own actions and then turn around and send his son to take away that responsibility thereby enabling us to be irresponsible in our actions, unless of course he is the ‘Perfect’ Hypocrite!

In my mission to bring awareness to a very lost country, I have just given you the best kept secret in the history of the world!  I’ve used complete logic here, so everything actually makes sense.  Logic is something the church has to avoid because very little of what they are saying is logical at all.  As a matter of fact, based on talking with many pastors, I think they are so far out there that many of them don’t even understand what logic is because they rarely ever use it.

I designed this writing so that most people will understand it whether they like it or not!

This writing is meant to bring awareness to people so that we can bring accountability to many in our government as well as the church because if we don’t start making them accountable, then they are going to take down our entire country with them.

I believe that this paper if shared, because of the awareness and truths within it, will make our world a better one to live in anyway you look at it!  There are a few in the world that are the main source of most our problems and if this paper gets around enough, I believe it will bring all of them down.

So, I am asking you to do what you can to get this paper in front of as many eyeballs as you can so that we can start improving the world together!  The more who see and understand it, the more awareness that it will cause, and that awareness will cause improvement!  So, let’s make a positive difference any way we possibly can!


Have a Great Day!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler


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