Any Pastor Who Thought as Clearly as Me – Unleashed

Pastors are over-all good people with a passion to change people’s lives for the better but unfortunately, they have each been raised on various belief systems that they never seem to question!

And all these belief systems have contradictory messages within them with illogical ideas that keep them from rising to a level of True Honesty with themselves as well as everyone around them!

We’ve all been raised with various beliefs and the trick to Freeing your mind of conflicting ideas is to look at your own belief system from an outsider’s point of view to discover what does and doesn’t make sense.  God, who is in All living things, will then help guide us to the Truth!

Since we Truly rely on our personal experiences to help others understand the Truth, any pastor with their ability to speak publicly would absolutely blow me as well as Jesus himself out of the water if they started removing these conflicts in their minds by accepting Truth, rather than just what they have been taught!  I myself have NO public speaking experience so I cannot rely on that as an experience until I learn how to do it!

Jesus often said that anyone could be as great, and even greater than himself!

Jesus was not a prideful person that hung onto a specific belief running around trying to convince others of his personal beliefs.  If he had been, he would have been far less successful than he was.  Pride is thinking we are always right and everyone else is wrong!

What Jesus really did was inspire people to ‘think for themselves’ and to not limit their own potential or to allow anyone else to limit their potential through control tactics!

The fact that in his timeframe he could only realistically communicate his message to others through being there, limited his own ability to spread the Truth to the masses.  This also made it much easier for the government and profiteers (church) of his time to slow him down and keep more control over the Honesty he was ‘dishing out’ to everyone!

The True History of The Church – Unleashed

Today, anyone who tries to actually follow in his footsteps of teaching Truth through the ability of ‘thinking for ourselves’, could effectively reach as many people, by the click of a button, that it took him his entire lifetime to reach!

This is very powerful and just shows clearly that what he said about being greater than him was True!

He believed in ‘personal responsibility’ and this was taught through the ‘teaching people how to fish’, rather than just feeding them for a day, story!

Then after he died, the idea was conceived that he died on the cross for our sins, which is actually against his own teachings of personal responsibility!  Then by accepting his ‘Control’ over your life, you yourself could pass on that personal responsibility to him instead!

Jesus was very much against the idea of ‘Controlling others’ because he knew that this was the basis for indoctrination!

It is not ‘natural’ for us to do this and is also not natural for us to think pridefully that we are always right!

He wasn’t teaching a religion, he was simply teaching the Truth!  Any Pastor today that decided to ‘follow in his teachings’ would become a ‘storm that couldn’t be stopped’ because in our society of mostly BS today, people really do want to learn the Truth and the problem is that the churches today are not actually trying to ‘follow in his footsteps’ but are in fact just trying to teach what they have been taught!  If they are just passing down ideas that are conflicting in nature, then all this does is create more confusion in the minds of those they are teaching.

If a Pastor today was to become as Honest and Open-Minded as myself, they would very quickly draw in easily 10 times and beyond as many ‘church members’ as they have ever had!  Since God is everywhere and in all of us, we each seek the Truth and when a Pastor starts ‘coming clean’ and speaking in absolute Honesty, the God, that is within each one of us, would recognize that, and that Pastor would become greater than any other Pastors out there!

An Honest Pastor though wouldn’t do this to become great as much as he would do it to simply spread the Truth and to inspire others to become even greater than himself resulting in a massive change of how people are living their lives in the world today!  He would effectively Change the world for the positive that we live in and in doing so would amass a following that would ‘dwarf’ the size of Jesus own following!

Each one of us can Change the world into a more Positive experience through our personal experiences alone and when we stop limiting our own potential, then we will stop limiting our own output!

A message of inspiration like this would enable a pastor to never have to collect money from the church’s members again and this would separate his church from all others!  His own ability to start clearing his mind of conflicts would cause his intelligence to sky-rocket and each pastor would come up with Honest ideas, based on his own personal experiences, that would fund his church through simply improving other people’s lives!

Imagine giving people a mind-freeing and inspirational message that wasn’t wrapped around the concept of collecting their hard earned money!  This is the church of the Future, a church that Inspires people to become Great themselves and selfless in their thought process!

I look forward to the day that Pastors decide to start Walking in His footsteps as I have already done!!

This will Change the World Forever and what a Great Day that will be!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer


“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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