Autism Is Evolution by Nature on Humanity Part-1 – Unleashed

This evolution has been caused by the shear amount of indoctrination and unnatural ideas that society has been starting to live on!

We were meant to learn naturally and in Truth, not unnaturally because unnatural learning isn’t really learning at all!

Natural learning is where you learn through personal experiences or observation of others.

When you learn through actual experiences, you have REAL emotions that relate to those experiences.

Today, most people are growing up on watching TV which means they aren’t getting any True experiences in life and people are basing their emotions on what they see on TV, and also their responses to situations, from what they saw on TV.

Learning responses and emotions from TV makes your responses and emotions fake because you are learning it from fake people.  What I mean by that is they are actors acting out fake situations which means they can manipulate us into any kind of response to any kind of situation.

This means that they can indoctrinate you into anything they want as if all the indoctrination, mostly from the church in our society, wasn’t enough without the TV.

And then you have the massive amount of advertising to sell you on stuff using those fake emotions against you.

Autistic kids will often break TV’s because they can feel that there is something wrong with it and Autistic people who do watch TV will often point out how fake or unrealistic situations are because they have amplified senses to see what the average person can’t see.

Autistic individuals don’t like associating with most people because of the lack of sincerity within people nowadays.  People are constantly contradicting themselves because they are constantly confused due to the fact that they have never determined any reality for themselves, or truth as I call it.

This is nature’s way of helping to protect them from the massive number of indoctrinating ideas in society today!

Because they are not accepting all of this corruption into their minds like everyone else, they are maintaining a clearer state of mind which makes them more intelligent than the rest of society.

I believe the church purposely separated God and evolution to be on completely opposite sides so that most people would choose a side rather than trying to find a little bit of Truth in both sides, like I have done.

The Power within nature, or God as I refer to it, is constantly evolving and can use humanity and their elevated level of intelligence over animals as a source for evolving even more.  In other words, our ideas can cause, if good ones, can cause evolution within nature itself.  Kind of like nature said, “Hey, that’s a good idea, now I’ll make it happen!”  And then nature takes it to a level we don’t understand yet and makes it happen.

Have you ever heard about where we trained something into an animal and all of a sudden that entire species around the planet knows what we trained into just 1 or 2 of them?

That would be the Power within nature, that connects all living things, passing on that information thereby causing that species to evolve a little bit.

The immensity of that is that we can cause evolution providing that our ideas are good ones, or I believe are ideas that are beneficial to all of nature!

Part-2 Here> Autism Is Evolution by Nature on Humanity Part-2 – Unleashed

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer


“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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6 thoughts on “Autism Is Evolution by Nature on Humanity Part-1 – Unleashed”

  1. One of my autistic childs “things” is breaking tv’s. He does it because he thinks it bothers me (it doesn’t). My autistic son is one of the most genuinely honest people I know. I don’t have autism but I’ve been a Mum of one for 16yrs. I think every person whether autistic or not is beautifully unique :)))

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  2. This is a common trait among Autistics! I was just about to do a writeup on a news story about Autistics in the workplace. Autistics don’t ‘beat around the bush’ like most people do. We will simply ‘tell you how it is’ and move on. Absolute honesty in the workplace is not something people are used to nowadays.
    If someone has a personal issue that they need to deal with, most will be really nice and won’t say anything about it which simply enables them to keep running around with that problem completely unaware of it. Autistics will be straight forward an honest normally which might upset that person, but at least they are aware now of the problem and if they decide to do so they can resolve that problem.

    I’ll tell you what, your son is probably more intelligent than you can imagine and probably the best way to help him to start really showing it would be to get him around other Autistics that share his level of intelligence. If he becomes friends with one of them I think you will then be amazed at what those two will be able to come up with intellectually!

    One of the reasons that Autistics maintain a higher level of intelligence is because they don’t allow a lot of societies garbage into their mind which would then clog down their brain functions causing them to start losing intelligence!

    I was reading a blog the other day that an Autistic kid, a little older than your son, had wanted to become social and fit in with the crowd. He had a hard time doing this but eventually did. In his blog he was reminiscing about how much he had lost in his intelligence, his organizational skills, his creativity, and even went on to say how he used to be an extremely kind person.

    He sacrificed all of this so he could socialize with people that were less intelligent than him rather than finding someone like himself. We become like those we associate with unfortunately.

    God (Nature) designed Autistics to have an enhanced sense of reality and a stronger will to move forward by ignoring most of the bad ideas, or indoctrinations through society itself. Unnatural ideas like hate, fear, self-loathing (self-focus), and at the same time gave them stronger attributes of being more kind and thoughtful of others. But the God of Nature is all about us choosing our own paths in life. I just found it sad that this Autistic kid decided to go in the opposite direction than he was originally designed to go.

    Our society has been on a bad trend of getting dumber as we get older because we get set in our ways as we get older. The more we get set in our ways as we get older, the more we are limiting our own potential through what are usually ridiculous beliefs.

    Autistics are the solution to this bad trend because most of them are going to continue to become more intelligent as they get older without getting set in any specific ways other than ‘thinking for themselves’ which is very uncommon of people nowadays who are just running around repeating everything they hear.

    Anyways, I’m going to start on that writeup of that news story which you might find interesting, but probably won’t get it finished and posted for a couple of days.

    Have a Great Day!

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