Becoming Honest with Yourself – Unleashed

You hear of this concept ‘Becoming honest with yourself’, but then there is no description or clear explanation on what that really means! It doesn’t mean that you go look in the mirror and quote a couple of facts to yourself.

Today, people are just running around repeating things they have heard, without any real understanding of what they are saying!  Repeating things, we don’t understand is a very bad idea!

Most people will do this in order to impress people with their vast knowledge on various subjects.  If you are simply repeating what someone else said, how do you even know if it is true?  And if what you are repeating isn’t true, then all your doing is confusing yourself and everyone else around you.

Today, because of the massive indoctrination that has been building up for almost 2 millennium, you will find that ‘becoming honest with yourself’ will be the toughest thing that you have ever done in life!  You are going to find that at least 50% of how and what you think, is based on lies and misconceptions.

The longer you have lived on these lies, the harder it is going to be to let them go and start accepting a new reality.

When you have lived on lies for a long time and then find out most of the opposite is actually True, by trying to grasp this new reality, you will start to feel like you are going crazy!  Your whole world is basically getting flipped upside down.

Just hang in there, because after the initial shock of the amount of deception that your life had been built on, it will start getting easier to accept the Truth!

If you are a prideful person, then you might have a hard time admitting that you have been fooled your entire life into living all of these lies!

Once you do start admitting the Truth to yourself and start becoming very honest with yourself, you will discover how Truly intelligent you can be, and you will be Amazed at how clear your thinking process has become!

At first you will start having epiphanies that will cause you to keep Wowing because you had never experienced this level of thought process your entire life!  And that is only the beginning!

If you keep going from there, you will start to blow yourself away with your own intelligence!

I have written several other papers on how to clear your mind even more, how to start building on a foundation of Truth, and I have created a couple of ways to use our minds more efficiently than we have ever used them before.

I really need to get my mind-expanding papers all together and write something that is more organized.

Here is an easy solution that helps clear your mind of all the clutter that we get from society daily and will help you to start blocking out all of this worthless information that just slows down our thinking process!

THE TRUTH – Unleashed –

Here is a good way to start ‘becoming honest with yourself’.

Find some free time each day, morning would be best, and go somewhere where you won’t have any kind of distractions and start writing down all of your thoughts.  Do this for a couple of days and then start reviewing your writings and think about what you have been writing.  You will start finding things you have written down that are contradicting each other so now on each one of these you need to figure out what the truth is or what actually makes sense and stick with that.  Keep doing this exercise until you aren’t contradicting yourself anymore.

I talked to someone recently that was doing something similar to this and they said they had found a bunch of ways they had been self-deceiving themselves and they just kept finding more and more and it was getting frustrating to them because of how much they were discovering that they had been lying to themselves all along.

And then as they started correcting this within their own life now, they were seeing how everyone else was doing the same thing.  Once you become honest with yourself you will start seeing much clearer how other people are doing the exact same thing and have no idea their doing it.

Be careful about confronting them with this though because when you immediately find a fault in someone else, most will go into a defensive mode where they will simply disagree with anything you have to say.

What I would suggest is that you either give them a copy of this or preferably write it down on your own on how you became honest with yourself because you may have found a better way than I have, or you may have much better writing skills than myself which could make it a bit clearer to them.

-Next paper I’m going to write that goes in line with this one will be ‘How to Think Bigger Than Anyone Else – Unleashed’-

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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