Evolution Created by The Church – Unleashed

Thank you, church, for your participation in helping humanity to evolve into a mentally stronger species! Your own deception and lies are what caused this evolution into a better future that won’t be including the church! I find it humorous as well as ironic that the one entity that was so much against evolution, wasContinue reading “Evolution Created by The Church – Unleashed”

Nature is Pure, We Are Not! – Unleashed

Written 5-20-19 The closer we can become to nature itself, the more information that nature will feed us! Just like birds that fly away from an oncoming storm because nature tells them too, so can we as we become more aligned with nature itself! God is in ALL of nature and when we become moreContinue reading “Nature is Pure, We Are Not! – Unleashed”

The Truth about Memory – Unleashed

Written 6-1-19 We have been trained to use our memory to memorize ideas that don’t make sense or are dishonest ideas!  Those memories then clog up our mind with conflicting ideas which become stumbling blocks to thinking more clearly! The reason I can come up with solutions to so many problems is because I haveContinue reading “The Truth about Memory – Unleashed”

‘Green Care’ – a positive push from Covid

Originally posted on Old School Garden:
Nigel Boldero- volunteer at Blickling Hall gardens The impact of the pandemic on health- especially mental health- seems likely to be a long term issue. But in recent months many people have discovered the power of nature to help cope with the stresses and strains, and the result is…

The Truth About Honesty – Unleashed

Written 5-22-19 When you become honest with yourself, You start to eliminate the contradictions in your own mind, Which helps you to think clearer, Which also increases your intelligence. Through honesty you will become more aligned with nature itself, Which causes a state of ‘Heaven’ in your mind. You will become happier than you haveContinue reading “The Truth About Honesty – Unleashed”

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