Another Dead Sea Scroll Found – Unleashed

The title to the scroll was, “What was that guy on.. that was talking to the bush?

As I was wandering through the desert in search of a peyote plant, I came across a burning bush that spoke to me.

I didn’t understand it because apparently it was speaking to me in Bushanese, a long lost language.

So, after watching the bush burn into a pile of ashes, I left in search of a translation!

I was SHOCKED!!, when I found it!

The burning bush had said “Put me out and I will tell you where you can find the peyote plant!” — Doh!!

This is where I realized that if I would have just listened to the voice in my head that was instructing me to do the obviously right thing, then I would have put the bush out which would have saved me a lot of time.

–The moral behind this story:
God grew these plants for a reason!
So, while we’re trying to figure out what that reason was,
Please enjoy responsibly!

–The moral behind the moral of this story:
If you come across a burning bush, put it out. That way you can always come back, at any time, to talk to it!

–The moral behind the moral of the moral of this story:
If we work with nature, it will work with us!

It was discovered that this scroll was actually written by a squirrel!
This was the second miracle of the day!

The first miracle of that day was!
A bush actually sunk to the level of a human being and spoke to it!
—-“BAD BUSH!”—-

Didn’t have time to post a regular today so a little humor! 🙂

Have a Great Day!


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