The Church Is Screwed and Some of Them Know It – Unleashed

Most of the people in the church are completely oblivious to the Truth and to the fact that the church has Never taught Jesus Christ’s teachings that he only taught to his closest disciple Judas, but then again, I can understand why they don’t teach some of Christ’s best teachings, because if they did the church would cease to exist!

There are those in the church that know that just 1 man connected well enough with the True God, that created all of nature, that with that connection, that 1 man can become more powerful than all of the powers on this planet combined!

And they understand that any with a Pure heart, that don’t actually desire this kind of power, WILL have access to this Power if it is really needed!  Because those with a Pure heart and total respect for Nature itself would never use that power to hurt Nature itself, unless of course, that part of nature deserves accountability for their actions!  It seems the only part of nature that continually fails, as a whole, in being accountable for their actions, is humanity itself!  And then humanity thinks it is above the rest of nature as illogical as that is!  And of course, once again, it is the church leading in this irresponsibility and illogical thinking as usual!  And they have around 2 Billion followers on this planet, no wonder the planet is so screwed up!


Those in the church who say they believe in Jesus Christ might want to listen up!

Scientists today are performing very simple re-writing of DNA strands!

Do you consider this to be a miracle?

No, I’m sure you don’t!

Jesus Christ was connected to the God that created us!

When he healed people, he wasn’t creating miracles, or magic as I like to call it!

Through his connection with God, he was using science by simply rewriting their DNA strands back to a healthy strand!  That is some awesome power there that he would only use for the good!

I ignored the church’s teachings my whole life and instead followed Christ’s own teachings to the ‘t’!  I have exceeded his own level of connection with God and have provided some healing of a different nature!

And through this healing I have done, I am simply providing an example of what is Truly possible when we respect and connect with nature!

I have spent most of my life finding ways to strengthen myself against the sickness of the church and their indoctrinating ways on all of society!

Because of the trust I had earned from God through following Christ’s guidance, God has been rewriting my strengths into the rest of humanity! 

And to stick with todays wording, rather than being foolish like the church, I am calling this upgrade, or evolution to humanity, ‘Humanity 2.0’!  It is the biggest upgrade of any kind in the history of this world and that upgrade was done by Nature itself!

So, if you think that you have had no reason to respect nature, well now you better think again!

God has impressed the world with Science!  Now I’m going to impress the world with my own intelligence!

People often look at me and wonder how I can have no fear of anything and that is because I haven’t found anything worth fearing!

But I do now have 1 fear, and that is the fear of what I am capable of because my own mind has been very corrupted through society which makes me very vengeful against part of humanity.  But maybe the Truth is that I can do nothing when thinking this way.

I guess time will tell!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!” – Doug Chandler

#ActuallyAutistic #Unleashed #Autism

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