Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed

Logical: – Christ taught to question everything, that you are being told, and to never accept ideas in ignorance, like most today have done!  When you question ideas to determine if they are True or not, you are being Logical!  Never accept illogical ideas as Truth because that simply doesn’t make any sense.  Consider all illogical ideas to be lies until the person/entity with that idea can prove it with logic.

Autistics are extremely logical, and logic is how we determine absolute Truths!  If an Autistic sticks to only ideas that they have determined is completely logical and doesn’t waste any of their mind-space on illogical thoughts, then their intelligence will just keep skyrocketing and they will keep setting New standards for intelligence itself!

Christ was very logical, something that the church didn’t realize about him because they don’t teach from his most advanced teachings because they are not in the Bible.  Christ’s ‘secret’ teachings were written down by the one disciple that Christ actually trusted, and Christ saw in Judas a man that was following the best he could in Christ’s teachings while the other disciples couldn’t seem to keep up.

Christ saw an earlier version of himself in Judas and so he gave Judas a private education that the others wouldn’t have been able to comprehend.  The ‘Gospel of Thomas’ was where these teachings were written down by Judas, but the church has completely ignored those teachings because just like the other disciples, the church lacks the ability to understand those teachings.

Christ was not religious in any way and he referred to a Power within Nature, that created all of nature, that was also very logical!  In the translation of the Bible, the church placed the name ‘God’ on the power that Christ had spoken of.

Kindness: – Christ was always thinking about others rather than self-focusing (self-loathing) that most people tend to do!  Thinking about yourself causes you to think small while thinking about everyone else will cause you to think Big!

Autistics are extremely Kind and thoughtful of others, just like Christ was!

Our current educational system is NOT for Autistics and by submitting their minds to that system, it will cause irreparable damage to their higher functioning brains!  The current educational system will cause Autistics to lose their intelligence!

To be continued…..

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,

Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!”

Doug Chandler

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