Thinking for Ourselves – Unleashed

Written 5-19-19

I don’t think it is any secret that we are getting ‘dumber by the day’ because of our lack of ‘thinking for ourselves’!

We think we are all that and then some, but the fact remains that we allow computers nowadays to do most of the thinking for us and then we sit around watching TV blindly accepting anything we are told without actually thinking about it!

All they need to do nowadays is to add a Title to someone’s name or say that they are a professional in this or that category and we just assume that they must be, and so we listen with interest with whatever concepts they tell us to believe in, taking away the responsibility of ‘thinking for ourselves’!

Here is a perfect example that is pretty hilarious yet sad that people can be manipulated this easily:

My roommate was a Bigfoot junkie and was always watching these shows on trying to find Bigfoot!

On one of these episodes, they brought in a ‘Professional’ Bigfoot tracker that had been tracking Bigfoot for 20 years and therefore made him a professional on that subject! 

Everyone Ooo’d and Aww’d at this idea of having this ‘professional’ in their midst!  Yet in 20 years he had never actually found Bigfoot!

In Truth, this was like the ‘ultimate failure’ in career choice because in 20 years he still hadn’t succeeded!  Yet just because they added the title ‘Professional’ people were manipulated into an illogical idea with absolute amazement!  They never stopped to ‘Think About It’!

Up until a few years ago I was as ‘dumb as a rock’ because I didn’t think for myself!  Once I really started asking questions, even of my own beliefs, was when I was able to start thinking more clearly by eliminating a lot of the conflicting ideas I had been being taught!

Once you start eliminating these conflicting ideas out of your mind, your mind will become much clearer and your actual intelligent will start to sky-rocket!

I can tell you this, it is absolutely the MOST AMAZING experience I have ever experienced in my life and I am a thrill-seeking junkie, so I have a lot of life challenging thrills to compare it to!

Intelligence and knowledge are NOT the same thing!

People run around nowadays thinking they are gaining knowledge by reading or watching things when in fact they are simply memorizing mostly illogical ideas.  The amount of information we are bombarded with nowadays is actually causing us to lose our intelligence by confusing us!  So, this is just a downward spiral in our ‘thinking clearly’ process!

There is so much BS being passed around nowadays that if you are not intelligent enough to determine ‘fact from fiction’ on your own, then you will only progressively get dumber and you can see this happening in society as a whole!

In just a couple years I have become a leader on so many subjects that are based off of my personal life experiences that I often even amaze myself!  And it has made life so exciting to me that all I want to do is to help others to reach this level of potential that each of us have within ourselves to accomplish!

It makes EVERY Day better than the previous and has eliminated my fears that were once used against me by the media, government, church, corporations and all of their affiliates!

I am so FREE of their ‘mind control’ through fear, that they actually now fear me! LOL

I can’t wait until others start emerging like me because that is when the world is going to start changing for the Positive VERY quickly!

I think the hardest part about conquering fears is just getting started, but once you do, you will discover something extremely amazing!  Fears limit us so much that just conquering a single one can really free up your mind a lot!  I Honestly can’t explain how much my life has changed by just doing the various things I’ve done to clear up my mind!  It literally only took me a few weeks until I was beyond anything I had been able to even imagine!

I can only write on about 10% of the innovative ideas and solutions to problems today because writing is such a slow way of communicating but the obvious advantage to it is that people can use it for reference, or re-read it, once they have forgotten what they read because of the massive amounts of information being thrown at them through technology.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“Let’s laugh at life,

While we live to laugh,

So that each day,

Will bring a funnier tomorrow!”

– Doug Chandler

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