One of the Core Teachings of a Leader That Has Been Completely Ignored by His Followers – Unleashed

Christ taught, “Take it with a grain of salt”.

This was not about making macaroni and cheese with a low sodium diet!

What this really means is to question everything!  Or think for yourself rather than just ignorantly accepting what you are told.  Also known as being Responsible!

-HERE IS A DISHONEST WAY OF TEACHING PEOPLE- (The Church teaches this way)

If someone teaches you to just accept what you are told, without question, doesn’t this seem like a deceptive and dishonest way of going about things.  By doing this you would be assuming that everything you are being told is true.  Then you would go out and simply repeat what you have been told to others.  A great example of this is a parrot.  A parrot will repeat anything you want without ever understanding what it is saying.  This way of learning requires no real use of your brain!

-HERE IS AN HONEST WAY OF GIVING GUIDANCE TO PEOPLE- (Unfortunately, very few people teach us to think for ourselves)

If someone teaches you something and then suggest that you go think about it, or “does this make sense to you?” or “does this idea make logical sense?”.  This person is being very honest with you because they want you to use your own mind to determine the truth rather than just accepting what they just told you.  This way of learning requires you to have a brain larger than a parrots.

The reason I used ‘Teaching’ in one title and ‘Giving Guidance’ in the other one is this:

‘Teaching’ someone suggest that you are telling them what to believe while ‘Giving Guidance’ gives them the option of thinking about it for themselves.

Have A Great Day!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “If you can believe in yourself,
  • But focus on helping others,
  • Then you have the ability,
  • To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

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