Are They Actually Teaching Self-Loathing Here? – Unleashed

Everything in RED I copied over from a website and I wanted to address this because I know the church has had ample opportunity in almost 2,000 years to change or modify different things in the Bible and they have re-written it at least 42 times, more than likely each time getting it just a little closer to their own beliefs, but if those beliefs aren’t True then they are really screwing up the Bible… lol

“Loving yourself first” (before you can love others)

Do you know what Self-Loathing is? It’s Self-Focus, and when you Self-Focus it causes you to think very small! They are saying to get rid of discouragement, depression, and a negative self-image through Self-Loathing but later on they conclude that if you don’t love or hate yourself, you can always just be happy with grasping and enjoying God’s love for you!

It almost seemed like we were going for self-improvement but then they abandoned that.

I’m changing the above quote to this which is far more effective than what they are saying! “Become Honest with yourself” (before you can become Honest with others)

That was one of the first things I had to do to really start expanding my mind! At no point have I tried to Love myself first before others because I don’t even think of myself much. Because when you focus on helping others rather than yourself, you start thinking very big and the more included in your thoughts the bigger your thoughts become.

Introduction: Multitudes of people, Christians included, go through life feeling discouraged, depressed, and unlovable. Understandably, they desperately want to escape a negative self-image.

Many people think the “cure” to a poor self-image is to learn to love yourself.

In fact, some people think Jesus said you must love yourself before you can love others. They support this idea by pointing to Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). They think “as yourself” means you cannot love others unless you first love yourself. As you will see, that’s not what Jesus was saying.

If we aren’t called to love ourselves, does that mean we should hate ourselves? No. God doesn’t want you to go through life saying, “I hate myself.”

The alternative to loving yourself is not hating yourself. It is to fully grasp and enjoy God’s love for you.

You will read more about enjoying God’s love later in this study. But first let’s look a little deeper at the idea of “loving yourself.”

Everything above in RED I copied over from some webpage because of the mis-information being implied through it! I get the feeling that this was purposely changed to Love, but I could be wrong. All I know here is that I don’t self-focus like this is saying to do but instead I became Honest with myself first!

Then if you fully grasp and enjoy the God of the church’s love for you, that is somehow going to make a difference! I’m assuming that he is currently taking a break from threatening to send you into your worst nightmares of an eternal damnation if you don’t obey what he says, because thinking for yourself is not an option in his eyes.

I’ll repeat this, “Becoming Honest with yourself by only accepting logical ideas as Truth WILL change your life far more than anything the church is going to suggest because they really don’t want people to become like me for obvious reasons!” 🙂

Ok, Just wanted to post my thoughts on this,

Have a Great Day!

Christ True Teachings

  • If you can believe in yourself,
  • But focus on helping others,
  • Then you have the ability,
  • To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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