Thanks Guys

Thanks for putting up with me you guys! 🙂

I realize that my blog is pretty much a disaster because I post on too many different things and well, I also realize that I’m pretty much going to offend everyone at some point or another with some kind of Truth that people don’t want to hear!

So, most people that come here start reading and quickly get offended and so they leave. This is one of the main problems in our society today. If you can’t admit Truth and run away from it, then that just becomes another lie that you are living.

Here is a very simple Truth. When we run away from Truths, we just keep getting further and further away from reality itself.

Most of the Truths I write on I had to admit to myself first. After awhile though it just doesn’t bother ya because there is way to much lies or unnatural ideas that we are living today!

Anyways, sorry, sometimes I just can’t shut up! 🙂

Thanks once again for sticking around and Have yourself an Awesome Day!

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