Building on Truths in life is very important today because we are in a society that is about 90% Indoctrination!

Truth becomes a part of you and you don’t have to remember it!

Indoctrinating ideas all have to be either held in memory or are unnatural habits in your life!

We get to a point in our age, each of us different, where we return to the state of mind that we were born with! We are born into Purity without hate, greed, self-focus, fear, etc.

When this happens, we forget all of the indoctrination within our life! If you haven’t become Honest with yourself so you can build up Truths, then you are left pretty empty!

Those who indoctrinated us like to call this a ‘disease’ because you are forgetting everything they indoctrinated into you!

It seems the Power within Nature has a plan for everything!

Have a Great Day!

If you have to memorize something,

then it isn’t worth remembering!

– D. Chandler

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