You have believed in me my whole life and were always there for me!

Through this belief you helped me to believe in myself!

You showed me the True Power in life that can transcend thru 1,000’s of years because Jesus Christ also showed me the Power of Belief when he wasn’t afraid to say that ‘Anyone could be greater than him!’

Belief in oneself is to Empower others to be greater than yourself!

For the lack of correct wording, Greatness comes only too someone who doesn’t seek greatness but simply wants to do what is right by others.

Christ never focused on himself because that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. Instead he focused on helping all those around him and Empowering them with Truth!

I have found that emotions are the easiest way to control people, especially Love, because your own love for me has been used against you just as my love for you has been used against me.

And so I found a way, a long time ago, to suppress my emotions so that they couldn’t be used against me so easily. They couldn’t be used to control me while I was aspiring to follow in Christ’s footsteps!

And so Nature sensed this one individual going against the rest of humanity, that was falling away from nature itself. That Power within Nature recognized and developed Faith and Trust in this one individual that it decided to start a duplication process to start strengthening humanity against this opposing force.

I believe that Nature used this individual as a template because that is when a very large number of enhanced humans started being born with the exact same attributes being written into their own individual DNA!

An Evolution on Humanity by The Power within Nature that is the ONLY God that is all around me and I can physically touch, but this God never says anything to me or tries to control me or hold me down!

I can understand why the one that wants to be recognized as a god now Fears me! It is because I can see thru it in more ways than 1. The more I understand it, the more it fears me. Because in that understanding I am developing ways to control it!

At the same time I am also helping others too follow in my own footsteps thru my own way of following in Christ’s. Through writing! The most damaging thing I can actually do is write in as much Honesty as I can with a language that is meant to be deceptive and those who are a part of the current evolution within humanity are doing the same thing.

This shows the Power within us through Nature itself because this false god Fears just 1 out of 7 Billion! Imagine what it will be like as that 1 becomes 2, then 3, and so on. We will contain this evil within a poodle cage until what we can decide what to do with it. Because I’m not sure yet if destroying it through hate wouldn’t just recreate more of it.

What I am not going to allow is it too have an entire country to keep breeding off of and taking advantage of Nature itself. We will find a way to suppress it!

So I just wanted to thank you for your belief that is already changing the world in unimaginable ways! Without you I never would have existed!

So thank you for believing in me and creating Positive Change!

You may not understand this now, but I think you will very soon!

With that understanding will come the Happiest day of your life!

And you will be proud of a son that so many times failed you!

Thank you for Empowering me!

Yours and Natures son,


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