New Thoughts and Poems!

In all things you can find some Truth, now let’s see if you can find yourself in all things! D. Chandler

Any writing that supports ideas that go nowhere, Is a writing that well represents itself! – D. Chandler

“If you believe in nothing,

then I guess you have found your calling.

Your name will be written down,

In a book where nothing ‘Matters’!

Congratulations on becoming something.”

– Doug Chandler

A god that expects to be worshipped,

Can easily be Controlled,

Just take away his worshippers,

And now he has nothing!

– Doug Chandler

Why would someone not want you to become like God?

Because there is something about their own God that they don’t like!

If God himself is trying to hold you down,

Then this means that this god Fears you!

– Doug Chandler

Have a Great Day!

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