The Justice System – Unleashed

I think the best Justice system in the world is the one that is built right into Nature itself!

In this system you are re-incarnated as the animal you eat the most of.  You can see many justices being served off of this brilliant idea!

I don’t eat much meat now, but when I did, I ate mostly chicken and beef!  I do not want to come back as a chicken or a cow because they are mostly raised for slaughtering to feed America.  Sorry, my fellow Americans, but this is based on statistics from our own government.  At least I think it came from our government.

So maybe I’ll get the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and not become a chicken or a cow, but instead a combination of those two names.  That’s right, a Chow, a horny dog that looks like he got a little to friendly with a light socket!

Have a Great Day!

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