The God I Know

The God I know leads by example!

The God I know respects us and the rest of
nature equally!

  1. It respects us as if we were equals to it,
    providing an example of how we should
    respect the rest of its creation!
    The God I know doesn’t tell me what to do,
    but instead gives me free choice through
  2. It will never tell me what to do because it
    would expect me to use the intelligence it
    gave me to question it, just as we should question everything.
  3. Whenever I come across situations that require me to make a choice, there will always be good
    choices and bad choices I can make!
    The God I know wants us to evolve and to become more like it!
  4. Some might ask, then why didn’t it just make us like it to begin with? I think that would be because
    we need to get there through our experiences and making the right choices (personal growth), because
    it is out of making the choices themselves that we either become more like it or less like it.
    The God I know doesn’t create Rules for us to live by!
  5. It expects us to Responsibly think for ourselves and do our best in the choices we make because
    Responsible people don’t need to be told how to live.
    The God I know doesn’t try to limit us in any way!

  6. The God I know wants us to enjoy life to its fullest!

  7. The God I know is in ALL living things and is a part of its creation! I believe that creation was limited
    to the life that is on Earth itself.

  8. The God I know wants YOU to Have a Great Day!

  9. The Truth Has Never Been Clearer –

  10. “Answers in life are simpler than most can
    Because it is our own imagination that causes us
    to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

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