The Truth About Coffee and It’s Miraculous Healing Effects On The Human Body – Unleashed

(At the end of this paper will be a challenge for you that you can use to substantiate the Truth I am sharing within this document)

I’ve been in a hospital for over a week now in Bakersfield, CA! I recently had some surgery done that is a result of my having to much fun! I’ll just call it ‘Living Life Like No Other’! :)(I’ve been trying to teach nurses in the hospital the benefits of coffee but they have no concept of natural remedies. Sad)

Anywhoooo, let me get back to the topic at hand and a Truth about this one NATURAL remedy that we have never been taught the Truth about because we are in a country that has been trying to get us away from any type of Natural Healing so that they can feed us their unnatural drugs, simply for the sake of profit!

Coffee acts as a pain-killer! Not like one of these pain-killers that simply masks the pain but accomplishes nothing else! Oftentimes these painkillers will cause us more problems because we go and hurt ourselves even more because we can’t feel anything at all! Nope, Coffee is more intelligent than these other man-made pain killers!

Coffee actually works with our bodies in many ways that we aren’t able to duplicate in what we call ‘modern medicine’, or as I will often call it, ‘modern poisons’!

Coffee works as a muscle relaxer causing the muscles to relax around an aggravated area in our body which helps to stop pain before it is ever created! At the same time it also stimulates our system into causing quicker healing of the afflicted area!

“Coffee also stimulates our minds into thinking more clearly and being more productive in our thoughts! Hence, this is why people tend to drink coffee in the mornings after waking up! Coffee is like the second time waking up in the morning getting us out of that droozy state we are constantly in from many of those pesky man-made drugs!”

Taken from the unpublished book, “we are the gods and share our knowledge freely” – by doug chandler

Growing up in Washington State I learned something from my sister that just blew me away! This was something I was never taught in an ever failing educational system, but instead learned it through an ever lost art called, ‘Learning through personal experience’!

  • People tend to call me ‘sarcastic’ a lot! That is just another way of saying that I am way to Honest and can be annoying to people because oftentimes they will take it kind of like a personal rebuttal. “Sorry if my honesty offends you, but if you would like, I can try and be more deceptive like your friends next time!” LOL
  • Now that is taking it to a whole new level! 🙂

So anyways, my sister has always had a ‘green thumb’ and could grow anything and would often grow so much that she would pick it all and go out and give it away freely to others for their benefit. (This idea of helping others, at your own expense, is also becoming a ‘long lost art’ of a healthier community, physically and mentally!)

One day I noticed her Rosebush at the entrance to her house was Blooming, completely out of season! She had the only rosebush in her entire neighborhood that had these beautiful flowers in full bloom as if the bush hadn’t been told yet that it was the middle of winter and that it should probably pipe down a little so as not to attract to much attention to itself! 🙂

I went inside and asked her about the Rosebush and she simply told me, “That was where she dumped her old coffee grounds!”

Even after she had used these coffee grounds for personal awakeness, awareness and healing, she then used what was left to boost other plants own growth! AMAZING!

A True ‘Miracle Grow’ designed by Nature for the Rest of Nature to Enjoy without any of the negative side effects associated with the chemicalized version!

Too Summarize the Benefits of using Coffee:

  • Coffee acts as a pain killer by stopping pain, before it becomes pain, and helping to heal the area before it ever becomes a problem!
  • Coffee invigorates the healing process within our own bodies!
  • Coffee invigorates our minds to think more clearly!
  • Old Coffee Grounds invigorates the growth process in other plants!
  • What other ‘untaught’ benefits does Coffee produce in Nature?

Here is a Fun Challenge for you!

–Obtain a bunch of used coffee grounds. (You can ask any coffee distributor to give you their used coffee grounds)

–Start using those coffee grounds to stimulate your plants or even a garden. (Kids will love doing this as it aligns with Nature itself which we are a part of!)

–Be careful about over-caffeinating your plants or you might wake up in the middle of the night to find your garden has uprooted itself and is trying to dance to the macarena! 🙂

Have Fun and Have a Great Day!


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