Milkaholics Anonymous

Up until the age of about 12, I was raised as an extreme vegan which meant we wouldn’t even eat anything that came from an animal!

So, we had the typical ‘lovely foods’ like powdered milk, soy bacon and sausage, various fake dairy products, and vegetable scallops. The last of which I still love today amid being around $7.00 for a single can!

About the time I became a teenager I got the opportunity to go from powdered milk to REAL MILK! What an experience that was and from being deprived of it for the first dozen years of my life, I quickly became addicted to it!

Over almost 40 years I have been drinking whole milk at the rate of 1/2 – 1 gallon per day and it has caused me to almost be unbreakable! I did break a finger once but it took a lot of effort, repeatedly on my part, to actually break it! Society has passed along this idea that drinking to much milk is not that good for you! I think I have proven that one completely wrong… LOL 🙂

Years ago I was invited to host a Milkaholics Anonymous meeting! I took that offer and we all met in a secret location, well, at least we thought it was a secret!

Apparently some local cows found out about it!

During the middle of our meeting, while we were all admitting to each other our levels of addiction, the COWS ATTACKED!
To the casual passerby, all they witnessed, was a bunch of naked people, running for their lives across a field, carrying pitchers of milk, while being chased by a bunch of very pissed off skinny cows! And in the distance you could hear the calves cheering on their moms!

Too make a long story short, that was the last time we ever met! We scattered across the globe to avoid ever being pinned down again!

The 2 Truths to this story is that I really am a Milkaholic and I have only broken 1 bone in my body! The rest was for your entertainment!

But here is a very interesting Truth that few people know!

If you give (moderately) whole milk to a dog or cat, it will get them a little intoxicated! Yes, it is just like what alcohol does to us, without the bickering and fighting!

If you have a pet, try it sometime, and then watch them closely.. they actually love it! If you give them too much they will just end up throwing up from overconsumption! Milk does not hurt them though in moderation!

Have a Great Day!


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