You Would Think The Church Leaders Would Be Intelligent Enough to Figure This Out – Unleashed

Based on the Beginning of the Bible, humanity screwed up and the rest of Creation is still as Perfect as it was in the beginning! Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the rest of Nature screwed up! Which leads to the obvious that the rest of Nature has remained the same!

The church has had 2,000 years to figure out the ‘Evil Apple’ idea and they are no closer than they have ever been! How hard is it to compare the rest of Nature to Humanity?

What is the ONLY thing that humanity has done that the rest of Nature hasn’t?

We developed language and then have used that language to promote hate, greed, pride, self-focus (self-loathing), etc.! None of these bad traits are used by the rest of Nature because they can’t talk!

Also, we are each born without any of these bad qualities (In Purity) simply because we haven’t learned to talk yet! And so it is our learning of the language that gives us the ability to share these bad traits with others! Or to simply train them to be just like us!

Have a Great Day!

I will be sharing many more very Logical thoughts regarding the churches philosophies of what the Bible really means! Their interpretations are very lacking in intelligence, unfortunately!

I only teach in Logic as Christ has taught me to do! Because Logic always leads to the Truth, and God is the Truth!


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