Truths That Hurt… Because They’re True – Unleashed

These are some sayings I came up with over the past couple days! 🙂

“By doing something constructive
We can accomplish Great things,
By doing nothing constructive,
We become a waste of space!”

– DC

“To Think Big,
We must ask ourselves,
What we can do for others!
To Think Small,
Just ask yourself,
What you can do for yourself!”

– DC

“We are the result,
Of the choices we make,
So if you ever want to improve,
Just start making better choices!”

– DC

The following one is completely against the indoctrinations of my own country! In my country people are kept confused and held down with the idea that everything is to complex for them to understand! People here don’t understand that the simplest answer is usually the right one! They believe that it is more complicated than that because they have been trained to think this way! Oh well! :\

“Simplicity is the KEY to Intelligence,
While Complexity is the KEY to Stupidity!
One day you will be surprised,
To understand how True that really is!”

– Doug Chandler

Have a Great Day!

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