Food For Thought

I’m currently writing a book that is the accumulation of Jesus Christ’s and Buddha’s common teachings, plus the morals from the Bible, ALL broken down into todays wording for easy understanding! The end result for anyone who takes this Inspirational and Empowering book seriously will be their own ascension into a thought process that is above what Christ’s level of thought was!

I will warn you though, be careful with it because you will think you are becoming God because your thought process will start becoming so much faster than anyone you know, that it will blow your mind!

Christ got himself killed over these thoughts! Although Crucifixion isn’t a common solution to resolving problems in todays world, you might find this thought process can get you into a lot of other problems if you don’t understand that anyone is capable of reaching that point, which kind of brings you down to the reality that if anyone can think like this then eventually it will just become the ‘normal’ in society!

I hit that point and got past it a couple of years ago! Thank myself I didn’t get myself crucified! LOL 😛

Anyways, I’m rambling on about the Truth as I usually do!

So, back to ‘Food For Thought’!
I’ve noticed than when I write and am trying to think clearer, that I tend to eat a lot! So maybe there is a literal meaning to that saying!

Can anyone else verify that this is a possibility through their own attempts at writing? I really am curious about this!

Have a Well Written Day!

One thought on “Food For Thought”

  1. Congratulations on the book! You probably know that the Christian contemplative Thomas Merton had a deep and active respect for Buddhism. And that the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu have been collaborating. All of which is to say you’re onto something.

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