Name Those Lyrics I absolutely LOVE music and just about every Genre of music! There is a secret about music that I am going to explain in other blog posts, a secret that has been kept from our entire society! The Truth will blow you away! Meanwhile, what song and artist is the following lyrics from? “TakeContinue reading “Name Those Lyrics”

Human Devolution – When We Need Balance – Unleashed

Over our known history we have been Devolving into a lesser species! Many Great names, often associated with religions, have tried to get us back on track, but they have all seemed to lack a proper description of how to do that! Plus many of their teachings have been very corrupted by time and thoseContinue reading “Human Devolution – When We Need Balance – Unleashed”

Based On The Bible, God Expected Us To Be Incest – Unleashed

Based on the Adam and Eve concept, there is NO POSSIBLE way that we could have multiplied without being Incest! Maybe the churches idea of an ALL-KNOWING God wasn’t passed onto God himself! Oops! 🙂 So based on the REALITY of the Bibles ideas, then God has NO PROBLEM at all with brother doing sister,Continue reading “Based On The Bible, God Expected Us To Be Incest – Unleashed”

Milkaholics Anonymous

Up until the age of about 12, I was raised as an extreme vegan which meant we wouldn’t even eat anything that came from an animal! So, we had the typical ‘lovely foods’ like powdered milk, soy bacon and sausage, various fake dairy products, and vegetable scallops. The last of which I still love todayContinue reading “Milkaholics Anonymous”

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