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Please Read This First Before Browsing Through My Blog

I write on many different subjects and if you find that a subject is starting to get you confused, please stop and move on to a different subject or give yourself a little while to process what you have already read.

There are controlling aspects within our society that purposely try to keep the masses confused because when we are confused, it is much easier for them to manipulate and control us with ideas that don’t logically make any sense.

If we are confused all the time, then most of us will just accept what we are being told without any questions.  They like it that way.

I, on the other hand, want to help you start clearing your mind so you can take back and very quickly have total control over your own thoughts without ever being manipulated by them again.

I have written several papers on different ways to ‘clear up the clutter’ within our minds so we can use that mind-space more efficiently and you will be able to increase the speed at which you process information (Intelligence).

I am not the greatest at writing and what I try to do is explain my thoughts in a logical format so that it actually makes sense.  I prefer you to actually think for yourself about what I am writing so that you can develop some truths of your own to use as a building block to start expanding your own mind.

Society does the exact opposite.  They pass on lies expecting you to believe them without any question, or without thinking for yourself.  Society always avoids going into a description of a lie because in order to support a lie, you must lie even more, and by doing this it will usually make the original lie that much more obvious.

As a society we have been passing on ideas, or lies, for almost 2,000 years and because when we expand ideas on lies themselves, we must lie even more which means we have gotten further and further out of touch with reality as time has passed!

Have a Great Day!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler


The Fall of The Church – Unleashed

The fall of the church is inevitable and they can cry and whine all they want since they are so good at that! 🙂

It’s ok, learning from the 2,000 years history of the church and how they have done absolutely nothing but destroy over 100+ generations of people for their own profit, is the sick reality of that history!

Some times you must wonder how stupid people can be, to believe that BS, after that long of a history of absolutely nothing, even though they have ALWAYS taught that God was just around the corner to their believers!

Sorry guys, but God has been ‘window shopping’ on mars for the past 2,000 years! He tried to buy that ‘doggy in the window’ on credit but alas, he has no credit because the church has forgotten for 2,000 years to deposit money into his account that they have been collecting for those 2,000 years!

Damnit Church, maybe if you’d follow through with your money collecting and sent your God some, he could afford a shuttle to Earth!

Then we could all look forward to your God wearing tights and doing his best ‘Peter Pan’ impression, looking like Gandolph, coming down out of the clouds, bitching at us just like the church does!

It should be very entertaining to say the least! 😛

I wouldn’t really expect him to ever show his face though because the church’s god Fears his own judgement! Last time I saw him he was hiding from Nature behind the second pew back! Not only that, if Casper could actually show his face, he already would have!

Just an observation!! LOL 🙂

Have a Righteous Day!

We can do anything we want if we do it together! #ActuallyAutistic