Please Read This First Before Browsing Through My Blog

I write on many different subjects and if you find that a subject is starting to get you confused, please stop and move on to a different subject or give yourself a little while to process what you have already read.

There are controlling aspects within our society that purposely try to keep the masses confused because when we are confused, it is much easier for them to manipulate and control us with ideas that don’t logically make any sense.

If we are confused all the time, then most of us will just accept what we are being told without any questions.  They like it that way.

I, on the other hand, want to help you start clearing your mind so you can take back and very quickly have total control over your own thoughts without ever being manipulated by them again.

I have written several papers on different ways to ‘clear up the clutter’ within our minds so we can use that mind-space more efficiently and you will be able to increase the speed at which you process information (Intelligence).

I am not the greatest at writing and what I try to do is explain my thoughts in a logical format so that it actually makes sense.  I prefer you to actually think for yourself about what I am writing so that you can develop some truths of your own to use as a building block to start expanding your own mind.

Society does the exact opposite.  They pass on lies expecting you to believe them without any question, or without thinking for yourself.  Society always avoids going into a description of a lie because in order to support a lie, you must lie even more, and by doing this it will usually make the original lie that much more obvious.

As a society we have been passing on ideas, or lies, for almost 2,000 years and because when we expand ideas on lies themselves, we must lie even more which means we have gotten further and further out of touch with reality as time has passed!

Have a Great Day!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

Strange Feelings

I think someone is trying to set me up for something.

So I have been doing what I can to outsmart them.

I’m not sure if it is working or not.

People have been getting into my room when I leave it.

Lots of people apparently have keys around here.

I find some of y things have been moved slightly or possibly even replaced.

One of the things about the culture down here seems to have something to do with voodoo.

That is the main thing about this place that i don’t like.

I am usually watched

Something interesting happened just a little bit ago.

Some guy was pret3nding to beat a dog, down the road rfom my place,

A lady and a boy called oout some name and went running towards the guy,

worried that they would be in harm when they got there, I started affter them,

then the guy just stopped and ran off with the dog,

the lady and boy just started walking again, like nothing had happened,

so, i turned aorund and went back to my place.

happened somewhere arund 2 am.

It is really weird because I have gotten the feeling that many people around me are acting out roles.

it is going to take awhile to get used to this culture doown here.

All my accounts may have been hacked

The Justice System – Unleashed

I think the best Justice system in the world is the one that is built right into Nature itself!

In this system you are re-incarnated as the animal you eat the most of.  You can see many justices being served off of this brilliant idea!

I don’t eat much meat now, but when I did, I ate mostly chicken and beef!  I do not want to come back as a chicken or a cow because they are mostly raised for slaughtering to feed America.  Sorry, my fellow Americans, but this is based on statistics from our own government.  At least I think it came from our government.

So maybe I’ll get the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and not become a chicken or a cow, but instead a combination of those two names.  That’s right, a Chow, a horny dog that looks like he got a little to friendly with a light socket!

Have a Great Day!

Big Things Come in Small.. Part-1 – Unleashed

Something Big happened in my life yesterday!

I’ve had similar things happen in my life but it has been about a year since the last time.

Things have been getting very strange around here recently!

Lots of increased traffic, stores re-arranging things as if they are about to be in a commercial or something.

Some cable provider here has all of a sudden been installing brand NEW cable in my immediate area. I’m in an area that is extreme poverty in Nogales, Mexico. I like it here because it is far more relaxed than most people may realize. And it is a very simple life that leaves you with lots of time to do other things.

This area has remained the same with very little upgrades to technology over time. But within a very short period of time, all of a sudden A LOT of the people, just on the block that I am on and the stretch that I walk into town has been getting NEW Cable. Its amazing that so many people, all of a sudden, decided to get Cable, when they were already happy without it. I have a hard time believing that this many people would all of a sudden decide to have something that they don’t normally use. Unless, of course, they received an offer that they couldn’t pass up. My country is very good at creating those types of offers which makes it easy to recognize outside of my country.

People around here don’t watch TV much and it has been that way for a long time based on the fact that all the old cable lines were hardly ever touched.

So yesterday I ran into this guy that seemed to be waiting for me. We started talking and it was probably the quickest I had ever related to someone before. It was like the guy knew about all there was to know about me.

So we started talking and wandered down to the main street of town. Then we walked for a long ways down that street with people everywhere and a few of those people seemed to be following us. He kept me talking and seemed to be leading me in the conversation, but I can’t be exactly sure on that since I was doing a lot of talking myself.

The conversation mostly involved my government and when you get me in a conversation about my government, it usually tends to go downhill very quickly. I usually try to stay Positive with things but unfortunately that one brings back the memories of close to 35 years of my life that I wasn’t able to really live much!

My own Self-Improvement as well as New knowledge about my government, I have started realizing that our leaders have simply become slaves to their own greed.

And I have also realized the positions they are in would be extremely frustrating based on our current society and many of the problems within it.

With my New understanding, I now Respect that they have not retaliated against me for the humiliating attacks I have hit them with. It must be bad enough trying to deal with some of the American people without having to listen to me and the negativity that I have been producing.

I try to stay positive but in reality we all need to face the Truths through awareness. I should go about this another way of creating Positive ideas that would overrun all the bad ones, but I am trying to be more efficient than that because many people are trying to do that already and it isn’t really working. It is still going downhill for most Americans.

So, anyways, throughout the day I had seen 1 person that I think is kind of popular. It seemed to me that this person might be a celebrity. I don’t remember things like this anymore though.

I have inadvertently created Alzheimer’s for myself which causes me to process information quicker, which means I don’t use my mind for remembering things that are inconsequential to life itself. It’s FUN to learn at speeds never heard of before! 🙂 It’s also Fun to forget all the stuff that isn’t worth remembering! Life is too short, each time, to not enjoy as much of it as possible!

The guy I was walking with was an extremely nice guy and seemed genuinely interested in the information I was sharing with him.

I’m just like the rest of Nature! I don’t like to be manipulated or controlled, don’t particularly like to be filmed, and am certainly not trying to become popular. In order to share the amount of information I have that could improve about 99% of this worlds inhabitants lives, I am going to have to accept a little bit of popularity.

I’m only a couple hundred feet outside of my country and I am having a hard-time leaving because I know I could make Positive changes within the country itself. It is amazing how just leaving the country by a couple hundred feet has helped me to see a lot of the issues within it.

It’s just one of those things that when you are involved in a problem, it is hard to see it. But when you step outside and look back in, it becomes much more obvious. Also, it is very confusing in my country and so stepping outside of it makes it easier for me to write in some solutions to some of the problems we are facing today.

To Be Continued…..

Have a Great Day!

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