THE TRUTH – Unleashed

My name is Doug Chandler

The following information will never be given to you by society or anyone else that seeks to control your life!

Do you know what the absolute best book in the world is?

Here are some clues:

  • It has never actually been published.
  • It is different for each one of us.
  • It is added to on a daily basis.
  • It is the only way to determine absolute truth.

That Book is YOU!

Think about it!

We learn best from personal experience which means that the best book in the world you can learn from is yourself!

What this means is that everyone would be learning something different based on their personal experiences and they would each be learning it from their own perspective.

This is an absolute disaster for those who want us to think the same way so that they can control us.

A dictatorship is where someone tells you something and expects you to believe it without question!

They submit control over us in this way!

An efficient way of learning from yourself and creating positive habits!

Learning how to read your book takes a little practice!  You will need to start doing a couple of things that you will turn into good habits!

  1. You will need to start clearing your mind of useless information!  Society is very good at filling our minds with thoughts and ideas that are absolutely worthless, which clogs up our minds so that we can’t think clearly!
  2. You will need to start becoming more honest with yourself!  What this means is that you have determined, through personal experience, what is true or not!  Rather than just repeating what others have told you!

Here is a question you should start asking yourself about all thoughts and ideas that come into your mind!

Asking this question ‘over and over’ again will clear your mind and will also help you to become more honest with yourself!

It is a simple one-step solution to self-improvement!

“If I was on my deathbed, would I look back at this thought as a defining moment in my life?”

This puts your thoughts into a very real perspective of whether they are Really important or not!

Once you have determined something is not important enough for you to worry about, simply delete that thought from your mind!

This will FREE up a spot in your mind for more productive thoughts!

A Great Way to Start Expanding Your Mind – Unleashed – This is another method I used for clearing up my mind!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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Who Was Jesus Really – Unleashed

There is something that Jesus said on many occasions, recorded in and out of the Bible, that proves Jesus was not who the church said he was!

Jesus said, “Anyone can be greater than me!”

The whole ‘died on the cross for our sins’ campaign doesn’t even make sense!

If the churches God is perfect and all-knowing then this situation never would have come up!

If you ask the church “Does God expect me to be responsible for my own actions?” you will be met with an ‘Absolute Yes’, And I believe that this is True of the God that is in all of nature!

If God expects us to be responsible for our own actions, then why would he send his son to die on the cross for our bad actions (sins), taking away that responsibility from us, and thereby enabling us to be irresponsible for our actions?

As a matter of fact, a perfect God would have had all the relevant information built into nature itself, that way we humans couldn’t go and mess it up like we do with everything else.  In other words, humanity has torn up and trashed the rest of his creation, what kind of a perfect God would put us into the driver’s seat to go out and save people for him, maybe the god of the church would because that god is simply an intruder trying to portray himself as the God of creation.

Oh wait, it is built into nature and is available to all who do the responsible thing and ‘think for themselves’ and try to abolish those bad traits that only humanity has within them.  Those bad traits that the Bible, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and so many others were trying to teach us to get rid of.  Those bad traits that are only in humanity, but not in the rest of nature.  So, all of these people and the Bible are trying to get us back to how we once were before we (humanity) screwed up.  In other words, back to our origins.

Do you find it interesting that Buddha was teaching the same thing as the Bible, the same thing as Jesus Christ, before either of them even existed?

Do you find it interesting that the Natives to America Had a one-page version of the Bible, more concise and direct than the Bible itself and were living by its standards thousands of years before the Bible was even written?  Native Americans history goes back over 10,000 years.

In other words, the Bible is not exclusive to any of its content except that which has been added on by the church.

The Core Teachings of Christ Will Blow Your Mind – Unleashed

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” -Doug Chandler

My name is Doug Chandler

I have been Autistic for 30+ years!  I recently came out of my shell and started writing on many different subjects that I believe are extremely important for the people of today.  Most of my writings are on bringing awareness to my fellow Americans on a ton of injustices against them through manipulation of them by the church, government, corporations, and anyone else who has sought to control them.  I have found that I can very easily see through these entities deceptions and see massive amounts of truth that is being covered up.

As far as I know, I am one of the first Autistic individuals and am certainly the first known one to accidently put himself into an Autistic state without knowing what I was doing at the time.

At the age of 17 I realized that advertisements, which were everywhere, were meant to manipulate me through my emotions into buying stuff I did not really need.  And I hated advertisements because they are simply made to manipulate us, and then you had other forms of media like news that was putting bad ideas in your head, like prejudices and hate.  So, I stopped watching any form of TV that I did not have complete control over what I was taking in from it.  I started to withdraw within myself and ex-communicated all my friends because it seemed that they were basically just passing on the same ideas they were taking in from media and society.  I started realizing that everyone I knew was basically just running around repeating what others had told them without ever really thinking about what they were saying and that I was doing the same thing.

So, to control my own output, I simply stopped talking to people unless it was absolutely necessary, like at jobs, etc.  And so, for the next 30 years, I busted my butt at multiple jobs then went home each night to work on home-based businesses that I usually started up through mail order.  I tended to have a lot of free time at home since I did not watch tv, but instead only watched movies occasionally.

I did exceptionally good at my jobs and stood out among my peers.  Quite honestly, I did too good at my jobs because each one eventually fired me because my bosses felt threatened by my work ethics and thought I was trying to take their jobs.  I never asked for raises because I thought that they would just come along with doing a great job, something apparently, I got from the past of when businesses were more ethical with their employees.  About 28 years into this is when my last boss/owner told me that it didn’t work that way anymore and that if I wanted a raise, I simply would, basically, have to beg for one.  I found this lack of honest work ethics on the business side rather discouraging.

I felt like the life was just being ripped right out of me on a daily basis spending so much time at a job ensuring someone else’s success while I got a basic wage that was just enough to keep myself and other employees working there.

At home I started noticing that the only time I started doing well with businesses, was when I started getting dishonest with myself and my customers.  When I started doing this, I would start feeling bad about the business and would end up scrapping it for something new.


I was raised in a Christian home with private schooling up through the 9th grade but felt there was something wrong with the life I was being raised in.  I realized that my country was built off Christianity because a government is built off of the main religion of a country and then the educational system is built off of that.  In 10th grade I dropped out and have never gone to any kind of learning institution again nor do I get any kind of education anymore from outside sources.  I am now self-educating myself, using almost half a century of personal experiences and observation of others.

So, for 47 years of my life I grew up in the church’s indoctrinations, but I was always questioning the ideas that the church was presenting to me.  One of the things I found interesting was that Pastors could rarely answer my logical questions with logical answers.  Usually they just changed the subject to avoid my questions or started spewing out a bunch of stuff that was not even relevant to the original question.

Christianity was starting to make no sense at all, and I noticed that the church was teaching morals from the Bible and then usually doing the opposite of what they were teaching.

It is funny how us humans will each assume that the beliefs we were raised on are the absolute truth and then will run around telling everyone else how they are wrong in their beliefs.

I just discovered this, and I believe it is probably one of the most responsible things we can each do!  Question our own beliefs before questioning other people’s beliefs!

I was raised in Christianity and when I started questioning everything about the beliefs I was raised on, I discovered that around 80% of what I believed was based on lies and deception!

When you discover this many truths in a short period of time, it will make you feel like you are going crazy because it turns your entire life upside down.  I held in there though by deleting from my mind all the ideas that did not make sense while holding onto the logical ideas that did make sense.

This is where my mind expansion started, and I am now creating other mind expansion techniques for others to use!  Admitting that I had been fooled for almost 50 years was a little hard though because that is where pride gets in the way because we do not want to admit something so ominous.

My ‘clarity of thought’ is so clear now that I am finding solutions to massive problems that exist in the world today.  I am writing up an educational system that is far superior to our current one in America.  An educational system that is based on Honesty and teaches kids how to think for themselves, rather than just believing what they are told.  A system that builds on family values and builds bonds among children of all ages while also teaching them responsibility!  A system that turns every student into a teacher giving them a real sense of accomplishment as they are each involved in the shaping of a better tomorrow!  This system finds the interest in each child and encourages them to follow what they are interested in without filling their minds and confusing them with a bunch of useless trash like our current educational system is doing!

Abolishing greed, pride, and this self-focus that is being taught currently, opens up your mind and stops limiting it to such small trivial ideas.  Our current educational system has been designed to keep people working for their entire lives just so the government can collect a never-ending amount of tax dollars off each person.  It is a sickening system that is starting to become painfully obvious to most people out there that are not just accepting all the BS it is dishing out!

My main focus will be on the Truth behind Autism, Bi-polar (disease), and Alzheimer’s.  I am also going to start shedding light on how the church, government, corporations, and many more have been manipulating us on a massive scale.  I will also share various techniques for mind expansion that can boost your intelligence right off the current scales that they are using.

Life on our planet is about to start changing very quickly and I am bringing that change and along with it…  True Freedom!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

We can do anything we want if we do it together! #ActuallyAutistic

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