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Animals Think Logically, Humanity Doesnt – Unleashed?

Let me correct that Title, we also think Logically but we get distracted easily and forget where we were!  This is a convenient process for those who don’t want us to understand the Truth!

When an animal does something, they weigh out the results to see if they want to do it again!

If the result is more towards the Positive, they will do it again!

If the result is more towards the Negative, they will NOT do it again!

This IS LOGICAL THINKING!  This means that by design from a Logical God, that when we ‘THINK AT ALL’, We will think this way!

Each time animals do something; they again use Logic to determine if they want to do it again.

By doing this they are CONSTANTLY improving who they are!  (Humanity could learn a lot from animals, as I learned this!)

I have personally been using the idea of ‘Logical Thinking’ as if I was thinking in some SPECIAL way!

I’m sorry if I misled anyone with an idea that helps to keep much of humanity away from the Truth!

We were CREATED to think this way!

Have a Great Day!