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I’m not sure why I was posting this…Oh, I was thinking about posting some of my responses to other peoples posts on other sites. Sometimes when I leave comments, I will go on and on… and long comments kind of suck on WordPress because all your paragraphs will get run together :\

Difference between NT’s and Autistics – Unleashed

Here is a little bit more understanding on this subject!  (Please understand I am not referring to All)

1. – NT’s are a part of society!  That society has raised them (Indoctrination) to live on a lot of lies and unnatural ways of doing things!  (When you are living on lies and deceptive ideas your mind can’t work very fast because of these conflicts, and the more you have in your mind, the less intelligent you will become!  This is LITERALLY why Autistics should avoid getting to involved with society for now!)  The ‘Power of Association’ will do damage to the Autistics here!

2. – Autistics generally stay away from society which means they aren’t getting indoctrinated into all the lies as much or as quickly! (The less conflicts within your mind the more intelligent and Honest you will become!  We are ALL born with good morals and then society slowly erodes away at those good morals!  Or as I like to say, “We are born sinless and Pure!”  The church says that they have to teach kids good morals when in fact what they are really doing is tearing those children away from the morals they were born with!  The church says, “We are all sinners!” and I asked them, “What sins has a newborn baby committed?”  This is where they STFU!)

 Have a Great Day!

“NT’s can become Honest with themselves and others, just like Autistics, and once they do, then they will be diagnosed with Autism!”  –  Doug Chandler

(There is far more Truth to this statement than you can imagine!)

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The Miracle Cure For Depression – Unleashed

Did you know that there are over 100 Big Pharma drugs for depression alone?

That is simply ridiculous!

Has society regressed so much that we have little to no control over our own thought processes?

Because I can sum up the ‘Miracle Cure For Depression’ in just 4 words! And it doesn’t involve supporting Big Pharma!

First I must ask you this question though!

  • “Who has control over your thought processes?”
  • If it is you then this will be easy to do!
  • If it isn’t you then this will be much harder to do!

The following ‘CURE’ does not have any of the regular side effects of ‘Depression Drugs’ like, but not limited too:

  • More depression
  • Heart Attack
  • Inability to lay down, Inability to stand up, Inability to sit down, Possibly ALL 3 of these in which case you should find a drug to get you off this one
  • Seizures
  • Waking up naked in strange places
  • Diarrhea
  • Gonorrhea
  • Inability to hold down food, Inability to stop eating! If you have both of these please make a video of it!
  • Heart Murmurs! If you can’t understand it just tell it to speak up.
  • Ringing in your head! You could just answer it ya know.
  • Suicide
  • Can’t stop jacking off to pretty flowers at the garden center. (Oh wait, that’s a Viagra side effect!)
  • Loss of hearing
  • When out walking, sometimes one side of you will just stop working resulting in you walking in circles for hours on end.
  • Blindness
  • The ability to fly for short distances, that always seem to be straight down
  • Decrease in IQ
  • Upset Stomach
  • Body parts just randomly falling off
  • Don’t take this with any depressants or you could end up with having ‘Depressed Anti-Depressed Syndrome’ which can get really confusing
  • Infertility in your pets! They still haven’t figured out how this works.
  • You get to visit ‘Alice’ daily, just remember which pill NOT to take. Oh wait, you already took that.
  • Your Goldfish will speak to you
  • You are now more likely to get taken advantage again by the same people that sold you this drug.
  • rashes
  • The ability to walk thru walls! When there not there.
  • This is only a partial list of side-effects of these drugs, if you want the full list it is a 10GB (1,204,375 page) document download
  • ALL ‘illogical ideas’ will now make sense and the side-effects of this drug are an acceptable risk if only they will get you out into lala-land.
  • (I hope these humored you a little! :))

The following ‘CURE’ will also increase your intelligence!

The following ‘CURE’ has only POSITIVE side effects!

The following ‘CURE’ can NEVER be beat through the use of Big Pharma drugs!

The following ‘CURE’ is PURE Logic!

The following ‘CURE’ is much easier for those who have CONTROL over their own thought process!

The following ‘CURE’ does require RESPONSIBLE THINKING in order to accomplish it!

They both taught us to ‘Think For Ourselves’ Responsibly and this is a requirement for having control over your own mind!

Change to Thinking Positive!

It really is that Simple because depression is simply the result of thinking about negative ideas or worrying about negative results that haven’t even happened yet!

The more you are involved with our current society, the harder it is going to be to think Positive because society tends to hold people down from rising above that society itself!

Subscribe to this Blog (Bottom of page) if you are interested in permanently removing depression from your life and increasing your own intelligence beyond what you have ever imagined! I am working on getting a more organized system for my ‘Mind Expansion’ project!

Here is a temporary spot for some of the papers I have written on various ‘Mind Expansion’ techniques.

Have a Great Day!

“NT’s can become Honest with themselves and others, just like Autistics, and once they do, then they will be diagnosed with Autism!”  –  Doug Chandler (There is far more Truth to this statement than you can imagine!)

#actuallyautistic #autism

Mostly White and NOT Proud of It – Unleashed

I’m sorry guys! This was a very long post and I had some information in it that I just found out to be incorrect! So, I have removed it until I have the chance to fix it!

The incorrect information had to do with Native Americans as a whole and I respect them very much! So, I removed this so that I am not giving false information regarding them!

Thanks for your understanding! 🙂