Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed

Logical: – Christ taught to question everything, that you are being told, and to never accept ideas in ignorance, like most today have done!  When you question ideas to determine if they are True or not, you are being Logical!  Never accept illogical ideas as Truth because that simply doesn’t make any sense.  Consider allContinue reading “Christ-Like Strengths Built into Autistics Part-1 – Unleashed”

A Long Time Ago – Unleashed

#Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems A long time ago,My government started a game with me,And since this world is my playground,And they are the biggest bully I know,I’ve decided to start with them first,And play that game they have always wanted. So, I wrote a letter to Mr. Trump,Warned him of his inefficiencies,Told him he’d never sitContinue reading “A Long Time Ago – Unleashed”

Subscriber Benefits and Opportunities

(This is something we are currently working on) What if you had the opportunity to get ALL this below for FREE! Something very Unique sent to you that will immediately start climbing in value and could very quickly exceed $1,000 USD. Something signed by a Famous Baseball Player that would start increasing immediately in value.Continue reading “Subscriber Benefits and Opportunities”

A Story About My Family and How They Are Living the Lies – Unleashed

A couple of years ago I started discovering something that absolutely blew me away!  I had to make sure though through inadvertently testing it on people over a couple of years.  I wasn’t purposely testing this idea, but I knew at the time that I would eventually put myself in situations that would become testsContinue reading “A Story About My Family and How They Are Living the Lies – Unleashed”

I Don’t Consider Myself Better Than Anyone Else – Unleashed

I do however consider myself more intelligent than most when it comes to ‘Life’ itself because that is mostly what my Mentor (Christ) had taught how to live and so I have done just as he said and have passed him up in some of the understandings he had, but not all! I also considerContinue reading “I Don’t Consider Myself Better Than Anyone Else – Unleashed”

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