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Jesus Christ Was the Ultimate Rebel of All Time – Unleashed

He stood against the government, church, and anyone else who thought they had the right to control him!

The church and government tortured him, humiliated him, tortured him even more, and then crucified him and he never gave in to these worthless pieces of sh!t!

A man that stood for nature and that Power within nature that he sometimes referred to as Father!  He respected and loved ALL of nature and was getting more and more aligned with it, like we all are when we are born.  He had increased intelligence, heightened senses, and much more as he got closer to it.

He wrapped his arms around all that was right and said, “Screw U!” to the church and government!

Because at the same time He denied their control of him he also respected all that was good, and I have never heard of anyone that had made that kind of difference with such a great way of doing things!

Let’s think about this for a minute!

What happens today to Rebels in our society?  If they get caught disagreeing with the government, the government will lock them up!  The Prisons in America are currently filled up with a lot of people who didn’t commit a crime against another person, but simply did something that the government didn’t like.  And the government is good about creating laws to lock up anyone who gets out of line.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are some really bad people in prisons, but many of them are not.  They simply did something probably kind of dumb that got them locked up!  The reason I don’t have this problem is because I expanded my mind to have better understanding and now, I know many of the laws better than they do, plus I use common sense and neve make rash decisions that could get me locked up!

I have almost been busted on a couple of things, that had nothing to do with causing anyone else any grief, but God gave me a little guidance when it was about to go down and I got out of it each time!

God has NO RESPECT for governments at all because governments were only created to control people!  Everyone should be responsible enough to make their own choices in life.  Once you give that option away to someone else, you are not only being irresponsible, but you will also get screwed!

An example of this nowadays is this!

Americans have given political figures the power to make all of their choices for them!  And those political figures are spending so much today that those people’s children, and their children, will pay for it for the rest of their lives!  That is Irresponsible!  Because NO child should have to pay for the ignorance of their own parents!  Their lives should never be bound to some system that their parents indoctrinated them into.  This is simply not right!

But I understand that this government has simply been keeping everyone confused so that they are not in touch with reality!  I used to be there myself but once you start to understand the horrible Truth about this, each of us should be standing up against this worthless entity!

Stop listening to all their stupid sh!t that is designed to keep you held down.  Because they do not care at all about you or I and will walk all over us whenever they have the chance!

If you don’t like what they are doing you don’t have to physically get out there and stand against them.  That is not what I am talking about!

Simply share my content with others or my site address (that is not illegal yet) and let the Truth start breaking them down because they cannot fight against the Truth with their lies!  If they try it will only expose more of their lies!

They know very clearly that if I am to become too popular with my massive number of Truths, they are completely screwed!  Just share something you liked of my content with others and you will be doing something towards the Positive here!  It may be easier to do nothing, as most have done in the past, and look where that has gotten us… Nowhere!

I have proven what just a single person could do to this system, now imagine if you started learning some of the mind expansion techniques, or maybe even a friend of yours that might be interested, what just 2 or 3 of us could do? 

This government is ALWAYS going to keep taking more from its citizens!

They are currently talking about taking 20% of anyone’s sale of their own private property!  That is ridiculous and how anyone could ever accept something like that is absolute stupidity!  That is the government stepping so far over the line that everyone should be standing up against them!

They have indoctrinated this country into sitting around thinking that their favorite politician is going to get things done!  That politician works for that government which means nothing substantial will ever get accomplished that is against the government itself!

The bigger it gets, the harder it is going to fall!  Are we so selfish in our attitude that we would try to avoid this within our own lifetime so that our children have to deal with it?

This government has NO morals and is going to try and take anyone else it can down with it!  My suggestion is for anyone who doesn’t want that government to fall on top of them is to simply find your way into the New country, like many very intelligent people are already doing!  Besides it being much cheaper to live there, it is going to prove to be a very positive financial investment!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “Two that are Honest with each other,
  • Can build a lifetime friendship,
  • That two who are dishonest with each other,
  • Will NEVER be able to build!
  • And if you don’t know if you are Truly being Honest,
  • Then how can you possibly build,
  • A Lifelong relationship with another,
  • If you don’t know what Honesty is?”  – Doug Chandler

The Best Definition of Our Governments Leaders Ever – Unleashed

They spend their lives manipulating the masses, trying to find more ways to tax the masses, while convincing the masses that they care and are on the peoples (masses) side of everything, while being employed by the same entity that is destroying the masses lives!

They are the Best of Thieves!

They do all of this simply, so they don’t have to work themselves!

They are the Laziest of us!

They will send our kids into dangerous life-threatening situations, time after time, to get what they want, but they will never put their own life on the line for what they want!

They are the definition of ‘Cowards’!

They have to take from everyone else because they are not responsible enough to be independent!

They then destroy anyone else, who is trying to be responsible by becoming independent from the government itself!  Because if everyone else became independent then they would be screwed, because now, for the first time in their life, they would have to actually start working for their money like the rest of Americans have too!

They are the definition of ‘Leeches’!

And in order to do all of these things, they have to be very deceptive!

They will create the allusion of caring about kids, while at the same time destroying those kids entire futures through their irresponsible spending habits today!

They will go into other countries, trying to get their way, will get in arguments, will then escalate that argument, and then will bring in kids to fight to the death, on their behalf, and then will convince those kids parents that they died defending their country!

So, they are using our kids lives to get what they want, while at the same time irresponsibly spending so much money that they are destroying an entire countries economy, causing depression and massive suicides, while causing millions of families to end up homeless or living in trailers barely surviving, And they do it ALL for their own greed of money!  At least they don’t have to lose their luxurious living conditions!

Do I need to mention these people have no morals, and that as soon as they realize they are going to lose their dependent lifestyle on the taxpayers, that they will take down as many as they can, with themselves!  So, massive innocent lives would be lost by playing it their way!

I have a way to accomplish this that would have the least impact on innocent peoples lives!  Only the guilty would pay the price and those that are guilty would be given one final chance to back down, before they are taken out by shear force, literally.

With just 5,000 subscribers on this Blog, I could take down this entity very quickly!

But, who in this country cares about kids enough to share this on the possibility of gaining True Freedom from these people Forever?!

–I mean, why would we do the logical thing and get rid of these people that just cause us to argue with each other all the time?

–Why would we want to get rid of the people who are using us like disposable toys?

–Why would we want to get rid of the people that use our own media against us?

–Why would we get rid of people who trade our children’s lives for money?

So, we have to work our entire lives to support these freeloaders, while they cause animosity and division among us!  And then they are either getting our kids killed or they are destroying the rest of our kids lives through TOTALLY irresponsible spending habits!

And we are to scared to even push a button that might put an end to it all through simply spreading some information!

Does anyone get the feeling that they are being treated like fools and still don’t do anything about it?

Maybe if all the fools leave the building, we will be able to finally accomplish something, that will be the FIRST thing ever done in this country to Truly benefit the children!

Wouldn’t it be Great if we could go from destroying our children’s futures, to respecting their futures?

For I praise the children of tomorrow who will be more intelligent than us and will never participate in this stupidity of disrespecting their own kids and throwing those kids to the wolves just because it was the easier thing to do, like the parents of today are doing to their kids!

In an Honest world, our country would be banned from having children until we decided to GROW UP!

Please Wake me up when people become realistic in this country!

Do you know why we have been manipulated in this country into not sharing our True thoughts because we might offend someone or make them sad?

It is because the manipulators in our country understand that the Best way to get through to people and get them to start really thinking about something is to SIMPLY PISS THEM OFF!

You know what guys.  I had to edit out a bunch of this paper because of how raw I started getting because I am very compassionate about this topic!  The reason is this!

I’m 51 now and I have always wanted to have kids, but I never did because of how fukt up this country is!

Most people, when they decide to have children, never put a thought into the society they would have to raise that child in, but I did and the thought of raising a child of mine under this government that is simply indoctrinating children into a lifetime of enslavement to some job so that they could pay at least 50% of all they made to paying off what the government is spending today is friggin ridiculous!  And when I see all of these people that had kids for their own benefit, but didn’t think about the child’s future, it really pisses me off!

Ok, I’m done with this, otherwise I’m just going to go on and on about this.

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“-We define our own limits! –

If all you see in a reflection is YOU,

Then that is all you can change.

If you see all that is around you,

Then you can change anything!” – Doug Chandler

I Don’t Consider Myself Better Than Anyone Else – Unleashed

I do however consider myself more intelligent than most when it comes to ‘Life’ itself because that is mostly what my Mentor (Christ) had taught how to live and so I have done just as he said and have passed him up in some of the understandings he had, but not all!

I also consider myself more intelligent in the subjects I talk on because I taught myself on those subjects through my own life experiences and observations of other people!  In other words, my thoughts on these subjects are based on experience in Real Life rather than on theories that are simply there to back someone’s personal belief that they had been indoctrinated into!

The whole indoctrinated idea in our society that if you are ‘First’ in something, that you are better than the rest, is total bullsh!t!  I may have gotten, in my thought process, to where I am now first, but that was eventually going to happen by someone.  I just happen to be that one based on my choices in life!  I guarantee you that doesn’t make me any better than anyone else and everyone has the potential to exceed where I have gotten too, but first people need to stop letting society control them through the ‘limiting of potential’ society is very good at placing on us!

There are so many subjects out there, with categories within each subject, that I Honestly don’t know anything about!  This is one of the reasons I want others to become ‘Honest with Themselves’ because until they do that, they can’t be ‘Honest with Others’!  And once someone else becomes very Honest with Themselves and can then be Honest with Me, that is when it is going to get really exciting because we will be able to teach each other, in absolute Honesty, everything we each know to be True, at a speed of education that has not been seen on this planet for thousands of years!

Here is a little logic, that many people will probably disagree on, because of an unnatural indoctrinating idea that they have been taught, Pride.  Mostly the prideful idea that if they are older, they must then be wiser than anyone younger than them!

Virtually any 10-year-old has at least one experience in life that they could teach anyone else!  And that is based off of Pure logic!  And I know that just about any 10-year-old could teach me something, but our indoctrinating society has said that those kids’ thoughts or ideas have no Real Value which is completely the opposite of the actual Truth!  Because, contrary to the church’s line of BS, those children were born with the ‘best of morals’ which are being trained ‘out of them’ by the society that was created by the church!

OK, so in short, I am trying to get anyone started off on a much quicker personal growth than I have accomplished because I want people to pass me up in as many things as possible so that they can talk down to me, something I will take in stride and learn from, rather than getting mad at them for talking down to me.  I don’t give-a-sh!t about pride because I understand how much it limits peoples logical thought process, that they were born with, but got indoctrinated out of using!

One of the reasons I talk down to a lot of people is because I am trying to destroy another indoctrination practice that is destroying humanity!  That is indoctrination is to just always be nice to everyone!  The absolute best way to get an idea through to someone is to simply piss-them-off and then they will spend a lot more time thinking about it, oftentimes right up to the point that they realize it was True! LOL!

So, I don’t piss off people because I hate them, it is really only so they will start thinking about what I was trying to say!  It is a very effective strategy that most don’t realize is ONLY a strategy to help them understand something about themselves that is lacking in Honesty!

If you understand that then you either already knew that or you just learned it, in which case I can say that you are now learning Psychology, which is something I taught myself!

The Absolute Amazing Beauty in being able to learn like I do now is completely beyond any description I can possibly describe!  It is something I know anyone who took my advice and did it, would thank me for the rest of their life, for convincing them to ‘just do it’!  And I would be thanking them, for the rest of my life, for actually listening to me, while it just flies right over the heads of many others!

I personally hate commercials because they are designed to take advantage of us, but there is one companies ‘Motto’ that is Absolutely True when it comes to doing anything that has Positive Value!

That shoe-makers Motto is “JUST DO IT!”!   Because through this process you will learn more than you EVER could than just studying it in some kind of classroom!  That is the TRUTH our educational system Doesn’t want you to know!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,
  • Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

Congratulations to Moms All Over the World That Are Taking Charge – Unleashed

I’ve been reading blogs all over about moms who have Autistic children, and I am so proud of how they are standing up for those children as well as ignoring societies ideas on how they should raise their kids!

This is a common thought among them,

“I’m not going to do like the rest, instead, I’m going to do my Best!”

This is the most responsible I’ve ever seen moms in this country, and this is going to benefit their kids in so many ways because they are giving their children ‘Freedom of Thought’ from a system that has been destroying this country through indoctrinating ideas!

Your Autistic children are very ‘logical thinkers’, so try not to start teaching them anything that isn’t logical, and you should do just fine!

Get them out in Nature whenever you can because they will connect with it better than most will!

Inspire them to ‘think for themselves’ and to never simply accept what others are telling them as absolute Truths!  Or question everything.

Because of their ‘logical thinking’, they will build up Truths very quickly in their own mind, Truths that most in our society don’t understand because of all the lies our lives were built on!

Their way of learning will actually cause them to keep becoming more intelligent as they get older!  They will continue through out their lives to keep learning faster and faster!

It won’t be like the way we have all gotten used to where you learn fast as a child and then as your mind gets corrupted by society, you learning ability just keeps slowing down.

Respect them as equals rather than looking down on them like the rest of society!  You will discover a lot of amazing things if you do and you will become closer to them than most people nowadays can imagine!

Never try to manipulate them as this is an Un-Natural idea that is against the Power within Nature that created us!

Love them but don’t try to control them like our society has been teaching us to do!

Don’t tell them what to believe but instead just give them guidance in a certain direction and watch how quickly they figure it out themselves, providing it is True!

Don’t try to raise them on your family’s beliefs unless those beliefs make Logical Sense!  I was raised on Christianity which has no logic to it whatsoever.  To force a ‘logical thinker’ to believe something that is illogical, that will cause their intelligence to drop like a rock!

I started increasing my intelligence massively once I stopped believing in illogical ideas and started going in the exact opposite direction as pretty much everyone else!

If you believe in the God of Nature that is within us all, try to remain Positive in everything and listen from within for guidance!

If you don’t believe in the God of Nature, then just remain Positive and listen from within and you’ll amazingly give yourself guidance! 😊

Once again!  Congratulations on doing what is right by your own children!

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,
Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!”

“Let’s laugh at life,
While we live to laugh,
So that each day,
Will bring a funnier tomorrow!”

“If you can believe in yourself,
But focus on helping others,
Then you have the ability,
To change the world!”
– Doug Chandler

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

How to Attain the Level of Jesus Christ And Beyond – Lesson-1 – Unleashed

Based on the uncorrupted teachings of Jesus Christ from the ‘Gospel of Thomas’.

These are the Original Teachings of Jesus Christ uncorrupted by the Church because they were buried for 1,700 years so that the church couldn’t get to them!

If you ask the church today if they think God wants us to be responsible for ourselves, they will answer with an absolute “Yes!”!  This is True but then they go on to teach an idea that is contradictory to this.

So, in order to be responsible for yourself, you have to responsibly ask questions of everything you are told, to find out if it is True, before believing what you were told.

One of the ways this was worded was, “Take it with a grain of salt!” which means to NOT simply trust what you are being told, which means you must question it.  So, if something doesn’t have evidence to back it up or does not make logical sense, then you shouldn’t believe it until someone can give you a logical explanation or evidence to support what they were telling you.  This is Responsibility!  Once you start accepting lies as Truths then your mind will just start getting all bogged up and your own intelligence starts decreasing.

The reason this starts going downhill very quickly is if you accept a lie as a Truth in your own life, the next person that comes along and tells you something, you will compare it against that lie, as if it were Truth.  Now all it does is create confusion in your mind because you accepted that one lie as Truth!

Jesus Christ taught to Responsibly question everything!  In order for him to do this he had to ‘Become Honest with Himself’, before he could Truly be Honest with others!  This means he had to question ALL of the ideas and beliefs he was raised on before anything else!

This is what is required if you want to Truly Become Honest with Yourself!  This is very tough nowadays because of how much within our lives is not True simply because for generations our own family has been passing down ideas that were not based on Truth and they never questioned those ideas.

Now, Buddha taught this same thing in a little different wording, “Don’t accept it on authority alone!”!  In other words, just because someone has a ‘Title’, that places them above you, don’t accept what they are telling you simply because of that Title!  So, Question Everything Responsibly before believing it!  Once again you must have evidence for it to make Logical sense before you ever determine it as Truth!

The church calls Buddha a cult because they have no control over his name like they do Jesus Christ’s name!  Beyond that, Buddha was teaching the same thing as Christ, 500 years before Christ!

Oddly enough, Buddha’s wording makes more sense when it comes to today’s society!  How many of us accept what a Doctor says as Truth simply because of their Title Doctor?

An example of this,

I am Autistic but wasn’t born Autistic as people think you have to be.  I put myself in an Autistic state for several reasons, which I go into on a different blog.  And so, I have been non-Autistic as well as Autistic which would make me a leading source, if I’m Honest with myself and others, on Autism itself because I knew what I was doing when I put myself into that Autistic state.  In short, I put myself into an Autistic state so that I could become closer to God without the distractions of society slowing me down.

Even though I have experience in being Autistic and can explain it down to the core, people still believe Doctors theories on Autism over my Experience with Autism!  That is like asking someone advice about alcoholism, that has never had a drink in their life, rather than asking someone who has 30 years of Alcohol addiction and recovered from it!  It makes no sense, but people accept the Doctors theories on their ‘Title’ alone!

Here is how they do this, and it is very common in our society!

They come up with a really complicated description, that nobody else understands, and presents that to the masses, with the knowledge that the masses will simply think they are not intelligent enough to understand and so they just accept it as Truth!

This is being done on all kinds of levels in society to not only keep control of the masses, but to also keep them from starting to think for themselves, by keeping them always confused!

Because the more ideas you accept into your mind, that don’t make any sense, the more confused you will be! (I offer multiple ways to escape this confusion in another blog I am creating)

So anyways, Jesus had to question everything FIRST in his own life, holding onto the Truths, while throwing out of his mind everything that didn’t make sense, to establish a Core of absolute Truth in his own mind, which is called ‘Becoming Honest with Yourself’, before he could Honestly question anyone else’s ideas!

This is a tough process to go through in todays society because roughly 80% of our society is based on lies or unnatural ideas.

There is another way that is easier, but it may take a little longer!

I write on many different subjects that I understand or have experience in my own life!  I write in a way, usually, that describes how I came to that conclusion through my own ‘Logical Thinking’!  This is something that is NOT common in todays world because most of the people don’t have any clue as to what they are talking about.  So, what I am doing is proving that I know what I am talking about by giving the logical process in which I came to that conclusion!

So, here is all you would need to do!

–Find a topic that I am writing on that you have the most experience in!

–Read through what I have been writing and things that make sense to you hold onto as Truth!

–If it doesn’t yet make sense to you, throw it out of your mind for now because as you gain Greater understanding, in Truth, on that topic, you should be able to later come back and read that and it will then make sense to you!

–Please get used to ‘thinking for yourself’ and don’t ever accept anything I say on my word alone!  Now there is an idea that has NOT been taught in our society because they don’t want you to think for yourself!

I do this because I Want You to become more intelligent than you have ever been so that you can see through all the lies around you!  Because it is amazing how far we have gotten from the Truth!  It will absolutely blow your mind!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

Christ True Teachings

“I am a steppingstone in life,

So, let me guide your feet,

Onto the path of truth,

To get to the next level,

Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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