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Scroll-1 Praise To The Children of God

Can anyone explain this to me?

I have gotten over the controlling fear of the government but can’t seem to get over the fear of dancing in public? Is it because I have put one into a real perspective and not the other yet? Because you would think that would be in the opposite order!

But it gets weirder than that!

Aside from wanting to start a new educational system more than 10 times the quality of Americas current one, I also want to start some kind of dance class that will help people to stop trying to be like everyone else and instead just be themselves and learn how to become part of the music rather than an extension of it. I’ve found that being a human equalizer and trying to match every beat and sound within a song is pretty tough to do and I have found out something very interesting.

Yes, the guy who wants to start a dance class is afraid of dancing in public! Told ya it got weirder!

Sometimes I dance out in nature and when I do I end up drawing animals toward me and they start getting a little over excited! LOL It is just like Prince sings about in ‘When Doves Cry’! The funny thing about that song is how much I relate to it, how he describes my own parents, the reactions of animals when I’m dancing around them, but there was an answer in this song to a greater understanding of God.

Because I have now figured out what Christ meant about leading a solitary life. He never actually explained this concept and the church has never figured it out because they have never lived it like I’m doing! Once again I will mention that Christ had NOTHING to do with religion and that would clearly explain why no one in the church can walk in his shoes as I have done!

Sorry, I am getting off track as usual! So can anyone help me out with answers to the questions I posted at the beginning of this?

I will post Scroll-2 tomorrow at the same time and so on till I run out of bringing awareness on this topic!

(Coming soon – I’m going to start listing Songs in all different genres of music who’s lyrics were inspired by God) Music is a connection to God and I have even heard messages in some of the heaviest death metal, that I couldn’t actually understand, but found the lyrics to which were actually very, oddly enough, emotional.

Have a Great Day!