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The Fall of The Church – Unleashed

The fall of the church is inevitable and they can cry and whine all they want since they are so good at that! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s ok, learning from the 2,000 years history of the church and how they have done absolutely nothing but destroy over 100+ generations of people for their own profit, is the sick reality of that history!

Some times you must wonder how stupid people can be, to believe that BS, after that long of a history of absolutely nothing, even though they have ALWAYS taught that God was just around the corner to their believers!

Sorry guys, but God has been ‘window shopping’ on mars for the past 2,000 years! He tried to buy that ‘doggy in the window’ on credit but alas, he has no credit because the church has forgotten for 2,000 years to deposit money into his account that they have been collecting for those 2,000 years!

Damnit Church, maybe if you’d follow through with your money collecting and sent your God some, he could afford a shuttle to Earth!

Then we could all look forward to your God wearing tights and doing his best ‘Peter Pan’ impression, looking like Gandolph, coming down out of the clouds, bitching at us just like the church does!

It should be very entertaining to say the least! ๐Ÿ˜›

I wouldn’t really expect him to ever show his face though because the church’s god Fears his own judgement! Last time I saw him he was hiding from Nature behind the second pew back! Not only that, if Casper could actually show his face, he already would have!

Just an observation!! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a Righteous Day!

If Only Gandhi Had Known This – Unleashed

I respect Gandhi as he created positive change in a world that has been held down by the church’s own illogical philosophies!

He obviously did the best he could with the limited information that he had! That information had been so twisted out of context over roughly 2,000 years with the church’s constant 42+ re-writings of the Bible to fit their own beliefs, that it is hard to get anything out of what is left!

Unfortunately Gandhi died just 2 years after Christ’s “Original” teachings were unburied in Egypt! In 1946 Christ’s original teachings (Gospel of Thomas) were unburied after being buried, out of the church’s control or manipulation, for somewhere between 1,700-2,000 years! This means the church had NO CONTROL over Christ’s original teachings for that entire time!

Since Christ was against ANYONE who would try to have control over others thoughts or beliefs, he was very clearly against, not only the church of his time but also against the government. The church and government of his time was the Roman Empire! In some of my posts, on my blog, I talk about how Christ teachings helped to cause the fall of the Roman Empire! It took some time back then because information travelled very slowly.

I’m about 99% confident that if Gandhi had been able to study Christ’s original teachings that he would have dramatically changed his views to very logical ones as Christ only taught in Logic until he fell to temptation and got himself killed!

Unfortunately Gandhi was limited to trying to make sense of the church’s indoctrinations based on their own illogical beliefs. Without Christ’s original teachings I never could have made sense of anything the church has been spewing out for so long!

Just to give you an idea of the actual Intelligence of the church itself, in 2,000 years they still haven’t figured out what the ‘Apple’ in the Garden of Eden was a metaphor for! Let me repeat thatโ€ฆ

IN 2,000 YEARS THE CHURCH STILL HASN’T FIGURED OUT WHAT THE EVIL ‘APPLE’ METAPHOR WAS ALL ABOUT! This shows a serious lack of intelligence on the church’s part! The reason for this lack of intelligence is because when you are living on lies, you lack the ability to make any sort of common sense of anything! As proven by the church!

So let’s all grab a bowl of ‘EVIL APPLESAUCE’ and think about it! ๐Ÿ˜›

The ‘Apple’ metaphor was about our acceptance of using verbal language because we had to slow down our thinking process by about 1/100 in order to use that language! I explain this in complete logical detail in some of my posts!

I have also discovered the ‘Biggest’ mistranslation in the Bible itself by the church! That mistranslation is one of the Trinity and if you haven’t yet figured this out, it is the ‘The Holy Ghost’ or ‘Casper’ as I like to call him! ‘Casper’ makes no sense in the real world yet the Bible itself, Christ’s original teachings, and even Buddha’s teachings are all based on LOGIC! (Buddha is actually mentioned in the Bible, but not by name for obvious reasons)

If you actually take the time to go through the Bible and start replacing ‘The Holy Ghost’ with ‘Logic’, or ‘Logical Thinking’, much of those verses start making a lot more sense because often the description of ‘Logical Thinking’ follows the mentioning of ‘The Holy Ghost’!

It’s is not 100% full-proof for obvious reasons because the church has fukt it up so bad over 2,000 years that it is ridiculous! So, while fixing some of the major fuk-ups of the church, I figured it just made much more sense to follow the teachings of the church’s actual God! (Jesus Christ)

You would think the church would be more interested in what their own God taught when he was alive, rather than following the perceptions of someone’s idea of Christ after Christ was dead! Durrrrrrrrrrโ€ฆ.. Like I said, “The church has never been able to claim any kind of intelligence on their own part!” LOL

And soooooo, I am bringing the Truth to the church and it is going to destroy 2,000 years of indoctrinations in only a few short years!!! That my friends is the Power behind the Truth itself, behind the Power of the True God that created Nature, behind the God that doesn’t expect to have any Power over us whatsoever but simply expects us to be Responsible for ourselves! For Logic ALWAYS leads to the Truth and God is the Truth!

The church Fears me just as the Government Fears me and they can try to suppress me all they want but in the world today of information, they are both going to lose big time! Neither one of them will try to reach out and touch me because they know if they do, I will simply focus on that one and destroy it that much quicker.

Their Fear is of the Truth, and I am that Truth! And there are many more rising to my level and beyond, right behind me! Their remaining days are numbered!

Have a Logical Day!

You Were Born Better Than God – Unleashed

Truth is my specialty and I always use Logic to get to the Truth because Logic will always lead to the Truth!

The church teaches that God is the Truth! This is 100% True! After that they then swap out the True God for a cheap imitation!

There is a rule about deception that says you have to have at least one Truth hidden within your lies! The church comes right out with that one Truth and then after that it comes down to a bunch of BS!

The church’s God is Prideful, Hateful, Jealous, and so many more bad attributes! The True God, Christ, Buddha, and the Bible are against these bad attributes!

The church will argue that, “it is ok for God to be everything He is against!” Not a very Logical argument, if you ask me, since a Truly Good Leader (or God) is one that leads by example!

By the church even arguing that point they are simply saying that their god is a worthless leader! I would tend to agree with them on that! 100% ๐Ÿ™‚

They will tell me, “Who are you to question God?” What they obvious fail to realize is that he is not my god, even though the church has attempted to indoctrinate me into that idea for almost 50 years! I ignored the church that entire time and instead followed Christ’s ‘Original’ teachings to the ‘t’! The Very LOGICAL teachings of Christ that were buried for almost 2,000 years out of the reach, or manipulation, of the church itself!

Logic, which always leads to the Truth (God) says, “Why would the church ignore their own Gods (Christ) ‘Original teachings?”

The answer to that is very simple! It is because Christ’s ‘Original’ and ‘Uncorrupted by the church’s’ teachings were against the church itself! Christ’s teachings were against anyone who seeks to have Power over others for their own benefit!

These are the same teachings as Buddha’s!

I compare God’s to cheeses! You have very REAL cheeses that are hard to get while at the same time you have that Walmart cheese called ‘Imitation Cheese’ you can get for $1.00, which isn’t real cheese at all!

What should be very obvious though is that the Real God will never charge you anything to be close to it while the other one will cost you a lot of money through the church itself!

“Because a God that created EVERYTHING, that is All-Powerful, All-knowing, and Perfect needs your hard earned dollars because he apparently lacks the Power to support his own churches!” It’s amazing how that church has forgotten to pass any of that money onto him and at the same time has become the wealthiest entity in the world! It seems their faith in money has paid off! :\

“Would you rather be close to the God that is within us all and respects us or would you rather worship the cheesy one?”

You and I were born better than one of these! As the NEW saying goes, “Don’t let the god of the church pull you down to his level so that he can beat you with experience!”

Don’t worry about the ‘Wrath of God’ because he is too busy hiding in his man-made building from the Truth! Nature has him surrounded and he is hiding from his own judgement!

The church’s god is very real but humanities current understanding of reality is very limited to understand the Truth about this species! In other words, the Truth is simply inconceivable to most people on this planet, but that Truth is based on Logic that people are soon going to start understanding!

Beyond that, the church’s god has no Real power over anyone other than through ‘Fear’ to hold them down! He has earned the Title, ‘The Great Deceiver’ for what should be an obvious reason! If you ask a Pastor how the Devil earned that Title, the Pastor will have no idea! Maybe it is because they are living within the deception itself!

That’s what you get for blindly accepting a belief, in ignorance, from those who came before you!

This accepting an idea in ignorance is against both Christ’s and Buddha’s first teachings! It is what leads you into a life of easily being manipulated by those who want to have power over you!

We were each born in Purity, which means we didn’t have any of these bad attributes until they were trained into us by a society built off of the church!

We were each born Better than the god of the church through our own Purity, before we were corrupted by that gods society!

Christ’s ‘Original’ teachings were all about regressing back into that life of Purity that we were born into! It all has to do with making your own ‘Responsible’ choices in life!

Pastors have asked me if I was trying to be God! Obviously referring to their idea of God!

Nope, I have much better standards that I choose to stick to! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a Purer Day!

Logical Religious Quiz – Unleashed

How long do you think the church would last if they Responsibly taught people to ‘Think for themselves’ before indoctrinating them into accepting their own beliefs in Ignorance?

Yes that is a ‘LOADED’ question! It’s loaded with a couple of very logical Truths!

Have a Logical Day!

The Biggest Truth That Has Been Hidden From Christianity – Unleashed

Christ understood this Truth as it was something he learned from one of his Mentors!

In the Comedy, ‘The Librarian: Quest for the Spear’ at 1:22:00 you will not only find out who Christ’s Mentor was, but you will also find out this Truth that has been kept from Christians since the beginning of Christianity itself!

This one Truth, being kept from their followers, has kept the church in Power over those followers for 2,000 years!

So who was Christ’s Mentor and what was this Truth?

I watched this very entertaining Comedy for free on , just in case you have a hard time trying to find it and the answer to a 2,000 year old question! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, once again, who was Christ’s Mentor and what was this Truth?