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Getting Attacked Because I Think for Myself – Unleashed

Most people DON’T get attacked as much as I do because I not only Think for Myself, but I also write down as much as I can in Truth with an explanation of how I got to that Truth!

This is a TRUE form of education based on Logic (Thinking)!

There are those who Don’t want us to understand the Truth because by understanding the Truth, they don’t have as much Power over us anymore!

ALL people, when they start getting to close to the Truth, they will all of a sudden get sidetracked by a distraction of some sort to get them to forget what they were thinking and start all over with something else.

Those who are writing down, what they are thinking, in getting to that Truth, will have the most problems with this because now someone else can learn from that!

Having the Strength and Will to stay focused on what you were originally writing about the Truth, is a GREAT Attribute to have!

Have a Great Day!

The List

I’m not sure why I was posting this…Oh, I was thinking about posting some of my responses to other peoples posts on other sites. Sometimes when I leave comments, I will go on and on… and long comments kind of suck on WordPress because all your paragraphs will get run together :\

The Very Best Questions in Life – Unleashed


The very best questions in life revolve around the idea of “What can I do to improve other people’s lives?”


These are the types of questions that cause your mind to start thinking Big!


This is also the best question that will make the largest Positive impact in your own life!


Try This idea at home tonight and maybe the next night too and see what you come up with!

  • Put a notepad and pen by your bed!
  • Just before you go to bed, ask yourself that question above!
  • As soon as you wake up, grab that pen and paper and write down your thoughts!
  • If you don’t write them down, you’ll probably forget what they were inside of 5 minutes, but maybe not, maybe that was just me.


You’re actually putting your mind to work while you sleep!


Try that for a couple of night! I’m really curious to see what others come up with!


Have a Great Day!


The Truth Has Never Been Clearer


“I am a steppingstone in life,

So, let me guide your feet,

Onto the path of truth,

To get to the next level,

Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

A Great Example of Self-Deception Being Portrayed on Us by Advertisers – Unleashed

Buy 1 get 1 Free: (The 1 you are purchasing is typically higher price than it normally was so that the price between the 2 equal out to profits for that company.  Oftentimes this is a result of over-production of items and their way of getting consumers to pay for their mistakes)

Fill out a questionnaire and get something for Free: (On the back of a receipt for something you already purchased) (This is a HOT one for fast food franchises!  Originally, they started doing this by simply returning a code that proved you had filled out the questionnaire online, but they quickly realized that too many people are willing to do this for that ‘Free’ item.  So, they changed it to ‘Fill out a questionnaire and get something for Free with the purchase of 1 item (at regular cost) that equals or is more than the cost of that Free item’!

This is the same as ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’ accept that they have convinced you to fill out a FREE questionnaire for them and commit to becoming a return customer! So, the result here is actually:

Buy 1 (Fill out questionnaire online) and then you can get one for FREE (on your next visit):

(They have you now filling out a FREE questionnaire for THEM and have you committing to becoming a RETURN CUSTOMER – All so you can get that ‘1 Free’ item!

Pretty clever of them huh? (Advertisers will ALWAYS be ahead of the masses because this is what they do all day is find ways to convince us to buy their items)

  • Are you actually getting something Free here?  Nope, Absolutely Not!  But we would like to think so!  By simply getting this idea into your head they are effectively decreasing your intelligence for a little while so that they can sell you items on ideas that are confusing and/or illogical!

And so, confusing us with illogical ideas causes us to buy their items without thinking logically about what we are doing!

They do this same thing using our emotions against us!

This is why you might hear someone suggesting that you wait a day on buying something and then come back and see if you still think you need that item!  Most of the time you will not want it anymore because their ‘sales tactics’ have worn off and you are now being more realistic!

Simply having this whole idea of Getting FREE things like this in your mind, you are being Self-Deceptive which causes your intelligence to decrease!

It is hard not to see these advertisements all over the place so here is a way to stop self-deceiving yourself while helping out your friends or family so that they aren’t doing it either!

(This is the creating of a good habit within your own life that will help you see through this as well as other advertising tactics that take advantage of us!)

ADMIT to yourself that these advertisers are simply using these tactics to sell you on their products!  The better you understand this the less ‘Control’ these advertisers can submit over you!

READ THROUGH this until you understand it well enough that you can then explain it to friends and family!  You will become far more intelligent with your spending habits and will impart valuable information to your friends and family that will save them money as well!


Have a Great Day!

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “-We define our own limits! –
  • If all you see in a reflection is YOU,
  • Then that is all you can change.
  • If you see all that is around you,
  • Then you can change anything!” – Doug Chandler

(IT SEEMS I HAVE TURNED MY FOCUS TOWARDS ADVERTISERS AND THEIR DECEPTIVE WAYS)  Don’t worry about this!  I’ll recover as soon as I get a few Truths about these guys out of my mind! 😊

Below are 5 papers I am going to start writing that I came up with while writing this one!

–The Church and their ‘popularity contests’ are why they keep changing their views to match todays way of living!  (They are not being honest by doing this)

–How advertisers are destroying our family values through an idea an ‘Honest Church’ wouldn’t be very ‘popular’ for talking about, yet it is something the church ‘USED’ to teach!

(I’ll probably combine the previous 2 papers)

–Other ways our intelligence is being affected on a major scale!

–The Truth about advertisers’ markdowns and the % of savings for you and I and how that is Deceptive!

  • TRUE saving are in the eyes of the spender!

–Why are those who have been in the church the longest (elders) the most miserable people when they think they are NOT being watched and a simple way to prove this to yourself!

  • Unproven ideas and how they affect your intelligence and your happiness!

A Long Time Ago (2.0 revised) – Unleashed

(This poem has been updated to remove some inaccurate information and correct wording)(Poems that evolve over time is a Unique idea that was created here) #Nonfiction #Poetry #Poems #EvolvingPoems

(A world run by women is an idea you will find at the end of this poem)

A long time ago,
My government started a game with me,
And since this world is my playground,
And they are the biggest bully I know,
I’ve decided to start with them first,
And play that game they have always wanted.

So, I wrote a letter to Mr. Trump,
Warned him of his inefficiencies,
Told him he’d never sit in that chair again,
Then asked him if he wanted to play a game.
I am very efficient with my time,
Which is why I only wasted less than 40 hours,
To fulfill my promise in that letter,
And End the career of President Trump.

I understand that talk is cheap,
And mostly reserved for Politicians,
I’m too Honest to make promises,
That I know I’ll never keep,
I’ll leave those promises up to government leaders,
So that they can be efficient at something too!

I’m not scared to put my thoughts in writing,
Like every government leader should be required to do,
And then just imagine if those writings followed you around,
Forcing you to remain consistent in your thoughts,
Then when you decide to be deceptive to an entire country,
That sign would be right there with you,
Causing you to either stick to the Truth,
Or be an obvious liar to the masses.

I am the Truth, that’s what I am,
Not a politician, “I do not like them!…Sa..”
Oh hey Dr. Seuss, you’re looking a little sick.
“It’s from the green eggs and ham!”
Maybe you shouldn’t eat them,
Or any other chemicalized foods,
Constantly being ‘passed’ as safe for eating,
By our ‘friends?’ in the FDA!

At this rate I’ll be moving on,
To another playground within a year!
Because I am the Truth,
And unfortunately for them,
They started this game,
With the One that made them!

“Oops!”, They said,
But it’s a little late for that,
“It’s too bad!”, I thought,
That they never thought of ‘thinking’ first,
Because what they lack,
I have too much of,
And what I lack,
They will never get,
Because I didn’t come here to hand out Mercy,
Too a bunch of government goons!

Since most others are afraid to play,
I will use their intelligence also,
To put a swift end to this game!
But it won’t really be the end,
Because there is always another game to play,
Somewhere else on my wonderful planet!

So, I wish them lots of luck,
They are certainly going to need it,
As I show them the Power of One Autistic,
That put himself into that state,
An example to all and one,
Of what anyone could actually do,
If you ever decide to stop letting them,
Manipulate you and hold you down!

Ignore their whining and immature fighting,
And stand up for the God of Nature,
Because respecting the Real God has its benefits,
Like walking all over weak governments,
Because you can never build something strong,
While being deceptive and financially dependent,
On a country of people that are busy sleeping,
But are very slowly starting to wake up,
It’s really not becoming an option anymore,
As society starts crumbling all around them!

You’ve got to admit it is very amusing,
That one simple thought spread around creatively,
Had the Power to Wipe out a Billionaire,
And it all happened for under $100!
They must find it very annoying,
That some broke guy keeps coming back,
After kicking that Billionaire to the curb,
To keep reminding them the Reality of it!

It’s really not about the money,
Although it is extremely funny,
How they waste millions to get there,
And then get kicked to the curb with a couple cents,
I guess that just shows the True value,
Of this worthless political system,
Along with the government itself,
That were both created by the church!

Because this broke guy is just getting started,
Kind of bored but passing the time,
While people are dying through their own judgement,
From the Power that originally created them.
No one can seem to do the math,
Why that little, tiny critter of Nature,
Only kills human adults and leaves those alone,
Who will not be held accountable for their actions.

If you people had learned at least a partial Truth in church,
You’d stop looking toward the church’s answers,
That are always beyond your reach,
And come back down to Earth where God has always been,
And for the first-time start thinking about,
Your own children and their futures,
Give them a crash course on ‘Respecting Nature’,
So, they won’t have to die just like you!

Those who respect Nature, should not fear it,
For those are the ones, who will be the last left,
Once Nature gets done with its selection process.
Those of you who drive fear into your own children,
Through your own fears of the Truth,
I’d suggest you stop doing that, so you aren’t killing your kids too.
Just look at it from a more Positive point of view,
Because it is going to kill the government too.

You should be happy to know the absolute Truth,
That your children will have the opportunity,
To grow up in a world Free from tyranny,
With REAL leaders that they can actually Trust,
Leaders that are here already but don’t get out or say much,
Society looks down on them as if it has that right,
They don’t really care much as they don’t feel it is worth it,
To let the dead bring them down with them.

But when they are really needed most,
They will silently come from out of their solitude,
And be the kindest people in the world,
To the children who have lost everything,
Their strengths are often seen as weaknesses,
By a society of self-focused inbreeds,
Not that this is that much of a problem,
Because I thought my cousin was hot too.

Now I have just one quick question,
Who the fuk got me started on this?
Just a couple of weeks ago,
Because now I’m having a blast,
Writing Poems that lack in rhyme,
If you want to call them Poems at all.
At least they are entertaining,
With a side of simple Truths.


The Creator:

The God that created us is also a part of us,
The Creativity in the process was very Unique,
As well as the Originality itself.
As I become closer to God and share this body,
I’ve found that I am becoming very creative and original too,
Becoming One with my own creator,
Something I think we were all meant to do,
And in return God is sharing with me,
Ideas that I can share with all others,
Because sharing is a default by Nature.
And so, there is another brick,
That has been removed from the wall!

The World Under Women’s Control –

  • Exploring from an ‘Honest Point of View’ what the world would be like if it was run by women!
  • — The world would be subject to a lot of improvement as well as a little Humor!

“Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,

Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler