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Government Division Tactics 101 – Unleashed

When a government is causing so many problems, mainly from over-taxation (50+% of every dollar earned) then they must keep their citizens divided so that those citizens don’t start uniting and dealing with the REAL problem at hand!

One of the signs of this ever growing problem is the economy itself! When Millions of families are becoming homeless because they can’t afford their own governments irresponsible spending habits, then not only does the economy lose these taxpayers, but it becomes even harder on the now less amount of taxpayers and the government then has to tax even more in order to leech off of those few remaining taxpayers!

This is a constant circle that just keeps getting worse and worse! The government will try and fool its citizens into believing the economy is getting better so that those citizens don’t start doing the simple math involved to realize the Truth!

So, the idea here is to keep the citizens minds preoccupied through division tactics so that they never get to the realization that they are being fukt over! The US Government is currently the world’s #1 Leader in using these tactics against their own citizens!

A recent Presidency used the tagline ‘Make America Great Again’, but are we sure we want our own government to be Greater than it already is?

Before you start defending your own government, as you have been programmed to do, consider this NEW information about OVER-TAXATION that is starting up in Washington State!


In the Seattle area (King County), your trusted government doesn’t believe that 50% in income and spending taxes is enough for them to survive! So, in a couple of months it will become law there that THE GOVERNMENT WILL GET 20% OF ALL PRIVATE LAND SALES!

That is total insanity, yet it is going through because the citizens don’t have the Power they have been lead to believe that they have!

Plus most of those citizens are being distracted by simple division tactics like media causing division through hate and other negative ideas! Politics divide them through their own self-labeling and then arguing endlessly over stupid sh!t! The Truth here is that Both Replublican and Democrat leaders work for the same government and must do what is in the best interest of their employer!

And you can always be distracted by a voting process where you believe you are getting a say in something! Yet, then those leaders claim fraud on each other through corrupt voting that is controlled by the government! So they don’t even have any honor much less can Trust each other! But then the citizens watch all this happening and still Trust their own government! This is what we call in the Autistic world as being completely illogical!

For a month now the media has kept most Americans minds occupied with the whole ‘Afghanistan news’!

Maybe people need to start asking ‘Why’ to themselves and start thinking about what is happening all around them rather than just accepting anything they are told!

Honest Americans would spread this information to help other citizens understand the Truth! Are you an Honest American?

Have a Great Day!

Big Things Come in Small.. Part-1 – Unleashed

Something Big happened in my life yesterday!

I’ve had similar things happen in my life but it has been about a year since the last time.

Things have been getting very strange around here recently!

Lots of increased traffic, stores re-arranging things as if they are about to be in a commercial or something.

Some cable provider here has all of a sudden been installing brand NEW cable in my immediate area. I’m in an area that is extreme poverty in Nogales, Mexico. I like it here because it is far more relaxed than most people may realize. And it is a very simple life that leaves you with lots of time to do other things.

This area has remained the same with very little upgrades to technology over time. But within a very short period of time, all of a sudden A LOT of the people, just on the block that I am on and the stretch that I walk into town has been getting NEW Cable. Its amazing that so many people, all of a sudden, decided to get Cable, when they were already happy without it. I have a hard time believing that this many people would all of a sudden decide to have something that they don’t normally use. Unless, of course, they received an offer that they couldn’t pass up. My country is very good at creating those types of offers which makes it easy to recognize outside of my country.

People around here don’t watch TV much and it has been that way for a long time based on the fact that all the old cable lines were hardly ever touched.

So yesterday I ran into this guy that seemed to be waiting for me. We started talking and it was probably the quickest I had ever related to someone before. It was like the guy knew about all there was to know about me.

So we started talking and wandered down to the main street of town. Then we walked for a long ways down that street with people everywhere and a few of those people seemed to be following us. He kept me talking and seemed to be leading me in the conversation, but I can’t be exactly sure on that since I was doing a lot of talking myself.

The conversation mostly involved my government and when you get me in a conversation about my government, it usually tends to go downhill very quickly. I usually try to stay Positive with things but unfortunately that one brings back the memories of close to 35 years of my life that I wasn’t able to really live much!

My own Self-Improvement as well as New knowledge about my government, I have started realizing that our leaders have simply become slaves to their own greed.

And I have also realized the positions they are in would be extremely frustrating based on our current society and many of the problems within it.

With my New understanding, I now Respect that they have not retaliated against me for the humiliating attacks I have hit them with. It must be bad enough trying to deal with some of the American people without having to listen to me and the negativity that I have been producing.

I try to stay positive but in reality we all need to face the Truths through awareness. I should go about this another way of creating Positive ideas that would overrun all the bad ones, but I am trying to be more efficient than that because many people are trying to do that already and it isn’t really working. It is still going downhill for most Americans.

So, anyways, throughout the day I had seen 1 person that I think is kind of popular. It seemed to me that this person might be a celebrity. I don’t remember things like this anymore though.

I have inadvertently created Alzheimer’s for myself which causes me to process information quicker, which means I don’t use my mind for remembering things that are inconsequential to life itself. It’s FUN to learn at speeds never heard of before! 🙂 It’s also Fun to forget all the stuff that isn’t worth remembering! Life is too short, each time, to not enjoy as much of it as possible!

The guy I was walking with was an extremely nice guy and seemed genuinely interested in the information I was sharing with him.

I’m just like the rest of Nature! I don’t like to be manipulated or controlled, don’t particularly like to be filmed, and am certainly not trying to become popular. In order to share the amount of information I have that could improve about 99% of this worlds inhabitants lives, I am going to have to accept a little bit of popularity.

I’m only a couple hundred feet outside of my country and I am having a hard-time leaving because I know I could make Positive changes within the country itself. It is amazing how just leaving the country by a couple hundred feet has helped me to see a lot of the issues within it.

It’s just one of those things that when you are involved in a problem, it is hard to see it. But when you step outside and look back in, it becomes much more obvious. Also, it is very confusing in my country and so stepping outside of it makes it easier for me to write in some solutions to some of the problems we are facing today.

To Be Continued…..

Have a Great Day!

Indoctrinations We Are Living Today – Unleashed

Marriage is an Indoctrinating idea!

What it says is that we can only Love one other person! Most people, including myself, would think almost immediately that without marriage it would be one big orgy!

Associating Love with sex is also an indoctrination!

But I want to talk about Marriage in this writing!

It takes two to fight and 1 on each side will make it go on for a long time and even when the fight ends, you will probably hold something against the other person. You will still be thinking about your side of that fight long after the fight itself ended.

If you are not basing your Love on sex, then here is a form of Love that would beat any two person marriage!

If you have 3 people that Love each other, then the 3rd person would always be the ‘voice of reason’ to keep the other 2 from fighting. That 3rd person would never take sides of 2 different people that they Love. They would instead keep them from fighting and help them see each others sides of the fight which would ultimately result in increased intelligence thru their understanding of what had happened.

Any god that limits us to only loving 1 other might just be the god of war. This god certainly does not understand Love as I do because the more people you Love, the more you are going to make a Positive and lasting impact in the world we live on!

Any god that doesn’t understand this is either being Deceptive or is Very lacking in his own intelligence!

Have a Great Day!