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Question About Morals!

I’ve been trying to figure out for the past few hours if this is morally ok to do. Well it’s not but I’m having a hard time with it so maybe I could get some advice!

My parents have a little bit of money and I had gotten away from them partially because they were trying to control me with it.

Having moved barely into Mexico for a much cheaper way of living, more Honest you might say, I receive $200 a month through an investment with one of their properties. It actually cost me probably $500 a month USD where I live because of food, smokes, etc. Normally I just fly a sign or something to make up the difference.

Lately though my parents have been sending me an excessive amount of money so I have been helping others out a little bit and also just handing out a little bit here and there. I think those in my area appreciate it considering they mostly live at below poverty level. I know many would say to save it for later but there is something really weird about that. My parents have more than enough to live on for quite some time, especially if they would live a simpler life like myself. Much happier this way of living.

For some reason I can’t save money or hang onto it if I don’t need it right away. If I try I will actually sabotage myself in some way.

So here is the question: Is it right to be taking money, or even using them for more money so that I can help out these people that are living below poverty levels?

I know, it all depends on who I am giving it to. I try to spread it out and help out people that are actually making an effort through some kind of entrepreneur activities, washing cars, street musicians, people cleaning up the environment while collecting recycling materials, food vendors, etc.

I try not to enable people that are only using it for drugs because I know from everyone I’ve seen is that none of them have a purpose when they do their drugs. It’s to just get high and sit around or whatever because they never seem to do anything constructive, especially do things that are constructive to help others in life.

I am not the cleanest person in the world either and I do something that has been helping me to think much better and this is how I write to help others out. When I don’t I just kind of waste my life away sitting around looking stupid.. lol I’m not going to say what it is because I’m not trying to promote things like that. We’re all different and this just seems to help me.

Here’s the question again: Is it right to be taking money, or even using my parents for more money so that I can help out these people that are living below poverty levels?

Thank you! Please understand I don’t think there is necessarily a wrong answer this. I usually ask myself everything which would mean I wouldn’t be doing this. But I think it is actually worth it to walk on my own values a little bit.

Thanks for the help and Have a Great Day!