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Who Was Jesus Really – Unleashed

There is something that Jesus said on many occasions, recorded in and out of the Bible, that proves Jesus was not who the church said he was!

Jesus said, “Anyone can be greater than me!”

The whole ‘died on the cross for our sins’ campaign doesn’t even make sense!

If the churches God is perfect and all-knowing then this situation never would have come up!

If you ask the church “Does God expect me to be responsible for my own actions?” you will be met with an ‘Absolute Yes’, And I believe that this is True of the God that is in all of nature!

If God expects us to be responsible for our own actions, then why would he send his son to die on the cross for our bad actions (sins), taking away that responsibility from us, and thereby enabling us to be irresponsible for our actions?

As a matter of fact, a perfect God would have had all the relevant information built into nature itself, that way we humans couldn’t go and mess it up like we do with everything else.  In other words, humanity has torn up and trashed the rest of his creation, what kind of a perfect God would put us into the driver’s seat to go out and save people for him, maybe the god of the church would because that god is simply an intruder trying to portray himself as the God of creation.

Oh wait, it is built into nature and is available to all who do the responsible thing and ‘think for themselves’ and try to abolish those bad traits that only humanity has within them.  Those bad traits that the Bible, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and so many others were trying to teach us to get rid of.  Those bad traits that are only in humanity, but not in the rest of nature.  So, all of these people and the Bible are trying to get us back to how we once were before we (humanity) screwed up.  In other words, back to our origins.

Do you find it interesting that Buddha was teaching the same thing as the Bible, the same thing as Jesus Christ, before either of them even existed?

Do you find it interesting that the Natives to America Had a one-page version of the Bible, more concise and direct than the Bible itself and were living by its standards thousands of years before the Bible was even written?  Native Americans history goes back over 10,000 years.

In other words, the Bible is not exclusive to any of its content except that which has been added on by the church.

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Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

Christ True Teachings

  • “I am a steppingstone in life,
  • So, let me guide your feet,
  • Onto the path of truth,
  • To get to the next level,
  • Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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Jesus Christ’s True Teachings in Todays Wording Lesson-2 – Unleashed

From the ‘Gospel of Thomas’.

Last Jesus had questioned everything he had been raised on and this is when he came to the point of this next saying.

(101) “He who does not hate his father and his mother as I do cannot become a disciple to Me. And he who does not love his father and his mother as I do cannot become a disciple to Me. For My mother {gave Me death}, but My true {Mother} gave Me life.”

After I had questioned everything, I had been raised on I felt the same way towards my father and mother because of the massive bunch of BS they raised me on!  There was very little that was real within my life!

So, I hate the fact that my parents trained me into their belief system or indoctrinated me into it.  I also love my parents because they are trying to do what they think is best for me but unfortunately, they are completely blind to reality.

“My mother gave me death” She taught me in her ways which are not True and to stay on that path leads to death.  The Mother that gave life is ‘Mother Nature’.

Christ often referred to Nature as his mother and his father and at one point he goes on to say that they are both the same!

In other words, the God of Nature is not male nor female.  And this is why sometimes I just call ‘God of Nature’ an ‘It’!

Oh, and by the way, Jesus is talking about his father in this saying which contradicts the whole virgin idea that the church tries to impress people with.

Got any thoughts on this of your own?

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Christ True Teachings

  • “Answers in life are simpler than most can imagine,
  • Because it is our own imagination that causes us to not understand!” – Doug Chandler

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Jesus True Teachings Were That of Inspiration – Unleashed

Written 6-28-20

(Please Note – I had written this incorrectly and am adding a small change here but leaving the original intact) (The ‘Gospel of Thomas’ was not ever actually in the Bible as I had previously thought!  It was buried for 1,700 years to avoid being destroyed by the church!  It is the only writings left that defined who Jesus really was!)

Christianity teaches that Jesus died on the cross for our sins which is obviously an idea that was created after his death!

It is against his own teachings as Christianity seeks to hold people down and to control them!  They collect money from the masses as if God, who created everything, needs money to do more!  They say it is to do work for him and at the same time say to have faith in him to get things done… a contradiction in itself!

Christianity ignores the actual teachings of Jesus himself and they have proven so by removing most of the documented accounts of his associates (or disciples) actual conversations with Jesus!

The Gospel of Thomas is one of these documented accounts that was removed from the Bible around 325 ad.  The reason it was removed because it has documented word for word conversations with Jesus which present a very big problem for Christianity itself, as his own teachings are against what Christianity is trying to portray him as!

There are still a few sections in the Bible they haven’t gotten rid of yet!

In John 14:12 Jesus says..”The truth is, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even Greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.”

In the Gospel of Thomas, he speaks much more on how anyone can be become greater than him!  Now if this is true then that means this whole died on the cross for our sin’s idea is absolute bs!  Unless of course we can all die for everyone’s sins.

Jesus understood very clearly that God is in all living things, and he often referred back to himself talking about God or The Father.  Because he was actually speaking with God’s voice as well as his own!  People who don’t understand this tend to get really confused and just create their own meanings out of it!

Since God is in every one of us, then all we have to do is listen for direction, like Jesus did, and if we listen well enough, anyone of us can be greater than Jesus himself, just as he said many times!  Since Jesus taught absolute truth, even though many have misinterpreted it, and was an absolute inspiration to people in helping them to believe in their own abilities to become like him, I decided that I would walk that same path, as he has inspired me probably more than most in these messed up times.

His own teachings were upsetting the government and those in power because people who understood what he was teaching started to see through the lies and control tactics that were being used against them to keep them feeling insufficient in life itself.

This resulted in the government and church of his time, as well as some of the profiteers, in collaborating against him to have him killed!

His mistake was when he let out his anger on the greedy merchants who were taking advantage of people!  Flipping over their tables signed his own death warrant!

He didn’t fear death because there really isn’t anything to fear about it!  And he knew that ‘the fear of death’ is just a stigmatism for keeping control of people as well as profiting off of them, which is very much seen today as everyone is trying to live longer, at any cost, because they fear death.

I was raised in Christianity and I find it rather amusing how contradictory Christianity is!  Christians talk about going to heaven when they die, yet they are doing everything they can to stay alive on earth itself!  They glorify this idea of heaven in some far-off place but then are scared shitless of dying which would supposedly take them there!  They say one thing while contradicting itself in their own actions!  It really is amusing and somewhat sad at the same time!

Jesus was teaching how to become more aware which also brings much more happiness into people’s lives through aligning themselves with nature (that God is in) itself!  His teachings were that of positivity!  When you start to become honest with yourself and don’t seek to control or manipulate others, then your awareness increases 10-fold and keeps increasing, and so does your intelligence!

He empowered and uplifted people and taught them to believe in and think for themselves!

Having put myself in an Autistic state for 30 years, I was able to block out most of the corruption and indoctrination that is thrown at us every day, and when I came out of my shell almost a year ago, I have been able to start thinking just like he did and to the dismay of those trying to control us, I am Unleashing the Truth to anyone who wants it!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

Christ True Teachings

  • “I am a steppingstone in life,
  • So, let me guide your feet,
  • Onto the path of truth,
  • To get to the next level,
  • Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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Jesus Christ’s True Teachings in Todays Wording Lesson-1 – Unleashed

Based on the uncorrupted teachings of Jesus Christ from the ‘Gospel of Thomas’.

These are the Original Teachings of Jesus Christ uncorrupted by the Church because they were buried for 1,700 years so that the church couldn’t get to them!

If you ask the church today if they think God wants us to be responsible for ourselves, they will answer with an absolute “Yes!”!  This is True but then they go on to teach an idea that is contradictory to this.

So, in order to be responsible for yourself, you have to responsibly ask questions of everything you are told, to find out if it is True, before believing what you were told.

One of the ways this was worded was, “Take it with a grain of salt!” which means to NOT simply trust what you are being told, which means you must question it.  So, if something doesn’t have evidence to back it up or does not make logical sense, then you shouldn’t believe it until someone can give you a logical explanation or evidence to support what they were telling you.  This is Responsibility!  Once you start accepting lies as Truths then your mind will just start getting all bogged up and your own intelligence starts decreasing.

The reason this starts going downhill very quickly is if you accept a lie as a Truth in your own life, the next person that comes along and tells you something, you will compare it against that lie, as if it were Truth.  Now all it does is create confusion in your mind because you accepted that one lie as Truth!

Jesus Christ taught to Responsibly question everything!  In order for him to do this he had to ‘Become Honest with Himself’, before he could Truly be Honest with others!  This means he had to question ALL of the ideas and beliefs he was raised on before anything else!

This is what is required if you want to Truly Become Honest with Yourself!  This is very tough nowadays because of how much within our lives is not True simply because for generations our own family has been passing down ideas that were not based on Truth and they never questioned those ideas.

Now, Buddha taught this same thing in a little different wording, “Don’t accept it on authority alone!”!  In other words, just because someone has a ‘Title’, that places them above you, don’t accept what they are telling you simply because of that Title!  So, Question Everything Responsibly before believing it!  Once again you must have evidence for it to make Logical sense before you ever determine it as Truth!

The church calls Buddha a cult because they have no control over his name like they do Jesus Christ’s name!  Beyond that, Buddha was teaching the same thing as Christ, 500 years before Christ!

Oddly enough, Buddha’s wording makes more sense when it comes to today’s society!  How many of us accept what a Doctor says as Truth simply because of their Title Doctor?

An example of this,

I am Autistic but wasn’t born Autistic as people think you have to be.  I put myself in an Autistic state for several reasons, which I go into on a different blog.  And so, I have been non-Autistic as well as Autistic which would make me a leading source, if I’m Honest with myself and others, on Autism itself because I knew what I was doing when I put myself into that Autistic state.  In short, I put myself into an Autistic state so that I could become closer to God without the distractions of society slowing me down.

Even though I have experience in being Autistic and can explain it down to the core, people still believe Doctors theories on Autism over my Experience with Autism!  That is like asking someone advice about alcoholism, that has never had a drink in their life, rather than asking someone who has 30 years of Alcohol addiction and recovered from it!  It makes no sense, but people accept the Doctors theories on their ‘Title’ alone!

Here is how they do this, and it is very common in our society!

They come up with a really complicated description, that nobody else understands, and presents that to the masses, with the knowledge that the masses will simply think they are not intelligent enough to understand and so they just accept it as Truth!

This is being done on all kinds of levels in society to not only keep control of the masses, but to also keep them from starting to think for themselves, by keeping them always confused!

Because the more ideas you accept into your mind, that don’t make any sense, the more confused you will be! (I offer multiple ways to escape this confusion in another blog I am creating)

So anyways, Jesus had to question everything FIRST in his own life, holding onto the Truths, while throwing out of his mind everything that didn’t make sense, to establish a Core of absolute Truth in his own mind, which is called ‘Becoming Honest with Yourself’, before he could Honestly question anyone else’s ideas!

This is a tough process to go through in todays society because roughly 80% of our society is based on lies or unnatural ideas.

There is another way that is easier, but it may take a little longer!

I write on many different subjects that I understand or have experience in my own life!  I write in a way, usually, that describes how I came to that conclusion through my own ‘Logical Thinking’!  This is something that is NOT common in todays world because most of the people don’t have any clue as to what they are talking about.  So, what I am doing is proving that I know what I am talking about by giving the logical process in which I came to that conclusion!

So, here is all you would need to do!

–Find a topic that I am writing on that you have the most experience in!

–Read through what I have been writing and things that make sense to you hold onto as Truth!

–If it doesn’t yet make sense to you, throw it out of your mind for now because as you gain Greater understanding, in Truth, on that topic, you should be able to later come back and read that and it will then make sense to you!

–Please get used to ‘thinking for yourself’ and don’t ever accept anything I say on my word alone!  Now there is an idea that has NOT been taught in our society because they don’t want you to think for yourself!

I do this because I Want You to become more intelligent than you have ever been so that you can see through all the lies around you!  Because it is amazing how far we have gotten from the Truth!  It will absolutely blow your mind!

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

Christ True Teachings

  • “I am a steppingstone in life,
  • So, let me guide your feet,
  • Onto the path of truth,
  • To get to the next level,
  • Of existence!” – Doug Chandler

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