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The Difference Between Big Pharma’s Drugs to God’s All-Natural Remedies – Unleashed

(There is a CHALLENGE at the end of this paper to ANY Doctor who thinks they can prove me wrong)

–This is a summary of what God’s All-Natural Remedies, or Plants, do for Humanity,

For thousands of years God’s plants have been used as remedies for problems humanity often creates for themselves.  These plants are designed to work WITH our bodies natural system to either subdue that problem or even sometimes to CURE that problem!

Example: The first known case of Diabetes was around 4,000 years ago!  People have been surviving just fine through All-Natural activities or through consumption of some plants for that 4,000 years!

All-Natural plants, or activities, work with our bodies to help boost the making of Insulin within the body itself or does something to that same effect!

Those plants and any All-Natural remedies or cures are CONVENIENTLY becoming illegal in the US and being replaced with Big Pharma’s drugs which never cure, but always creates an addition dependency on their drug itself!  This will become a lifelong dependency because of what their drugs actually do to you!

Bottom Line: Anything like plants that anyone can grow that are remedies or cures, are not Profitable! If a company can’t own the rights to the process in which the ‘remedy’ is being created, then anyone can do it and NO one company can control it for their own profits!  The government doesn’t like this because of the loss of taxes created off of what anyone can grow themselves or the one-time tax off of a cure!

–This is a summary of what Big Pharma’s Drugs do for Humanity,

People are dying more than ever before from Diabetes because of the Un-Natural Drugs Big Pharma has gotten those people addicted to that are designed for that person to be dependent on for the rest of their life!

When it comes to Diabetes, Big Pharma’s drugs are not meant to help boost your immunities to Diabetes itself, which is what All-Natural Plants do!  Instead, their bathtub drug of Insulin actually replaces the Insulin that your body is trying to make!  When your body starts noticing that it doesn’t NEED to make insulin anymore, it stops even trying to make it because it thinks that it is no longer needed.  After a little while of this, your body can completely forget how to make insulin in the first place!  Now you are ‘Addicted for Life’ to just ONE of Big Pharma’s Un-Natural drugs!  Because if you stop BUYING it, you are far more likely to die than if you had NEVER started taking it in the first place!

Bottom Line: Big Pharma gets paid by you every month, for this process that they OWN, for the rest of your life, if you are unwilling to take the chance that now you could very easily die from not taking their drug anymore!  The government LOVES this scenario because they will be getting taxes off of you for ‘The Rest of Your Life’!

The Bottom Line of the Bottom Line:

The US Government and Big Pharma are working together to drive FEAR into American citizens on all kinds of things that Big Pharma ‘Has an answer too’!  Both of them are doing this SIMPLY for GREED, because it should become plainly obvious that neither one of these entities has any morals whatsoever other than their personal finances, which is a ‘moral’ being taught in the US educational system!


(I challenge ANY DOCTOR to come in here on my Blog and explain to me as well as everyone else, in a simple logical explanation, like I have done, of what is really happening!)

(What this means to ‘You’, as the reader, that if you don’t believe what I have explained here, then you can simply prove me wrong by getting ‘your doctor’ to come in here and explain the Truth about this in their own logical explanation!)

I believe most Doctors, other than that sh!t-for-brains on government controlled media, would be Honest on here if they didn’t fear what the government, or its affiliates, might do to them, if they were to share the Truth!

Have a Great Day!

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