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Building on Truths in life is very important today because we are in a society that is about 90% Indoctrination!

Truth becomes a part of you and you don’t have to remember it!

Indoctrinating ideas all have to be either held in memory or are unnatural habits in your life!

We get to a point in our age, each of us different, where we return to the state of mind that we were born with! We are born into Purity without hate, greed, self-focus, fear, etc.

When this happens, we forget all of the indoctrination within our life! If you haven’t become Honest with yourself so you can build up Truths, then you are left pretty empty!

Those who indoctrinated us like to call this a ‘disease’ because you are forgetting everything they indoctrinated into you!

It seems the Power within Nature has a plan for everything!

Have a Great Day!

If you have to memorize something,

then it isn’t worth remembering!

– D. Chandler

The Church Claims They Never Change Their Story – Unleashed


We always talk about learning from history! So, let’s learn from the church’s history!

The church teaches, some more than others, that you are not saved by your actions, but instead by simply believing in an idea and accepting it, repeatedly!

Obviously by returning each week, this idea will stay in your mind and you won’t forget it!

Starting out life we are naturally curious, want to explore and learn, and when we see someone doing something New, we want to help out! We are appreciated for helping which feels very good to us! And so, we want to help others out even more and our Ambitions will keep getting bigger and bigger, until interrupted!

Just ask the Billions of people that were convinced by the church that God was ‘Almost here’ and is going to take them away from this world! And so, they thought “Why make the effort to create Positive change in the world if we are about to leave it?”
And so, their Ambitions to improve the world died with their belief in the church itself!

Just ask the past 100+ (1 Hundred +) Generations that WASTED THEIR LIVES AWAY sitting around Waiting for the Church’s ‘Truths?’ to come True when none of them Are Based on Logic or have any Factual Evidence!

Just ask ALL of the church’s FOLLOWERS FOR THE PAST 2,000 years what they think about the church’s Promises!

So, over the past 2,000 years, here are some ideas that the church has Proven to be True:

  • If Humanity CAN’T Responsibly do SOMETHING with the world they have already been given, then God isn’t coming!
  • The church MIGHT actually be lying!
  • The church teaches us that we are ALL sinners, but they never do anything wrong themselves, or so they say.
  • In the Bible there is a completely Illogical concept for the description of Heaven that has exclusively benefited the church financially since it was added!

There is so much evidence against the church for altering all different parts of the Bible to fit their doctrine! One Example:

Creating Positive Change in the world is exponentially more Powerful than doing NOTHING!

The church talks about ‘overcoming challenges’, temptation, ‘standing for what you believe in’, etc.

Yet with all the messed-up things going on around us, the church isn’t standing up for anything. And whenever they are challenged with simple questions, they avoid it or run away!

god created an

My own life is almost a duplicate of Christ’s and I essentially disappeared from society for around 30 years, after having put myself in an Autistic state. After those 30 years I have started writing on all different subjects, not always 100% correct, but far closer to the Truth than others. The reason for this is because I am completely teaching myself thru my personal experiences and observations of others throughout my life. I am a 10th grade dropout with no further education other than a GED which amounts to basically nothing.

God is Truth and Logic leads to the Truth!

I understand many of Christ’s teachings from the ‘Gospel of Thomas’ which I believe is one of the only writings that escaped manipulation by the church! I can explain each of these teachings Logically because I have walked in his shoes and understand him very well. Christ was completely Logical just as the Power within Nature (God or Father) has to be almost Pure Logic in order to have created a system of life that is so complex. I used Logic to get where I currently am, at or very near Christ’s own level of Intelligence and understanding.


In my short lifetime, I understand Logical Teachings from Christ and am describing them as clearly as I can. The entire church hasn’t been able to do this in 2,000 years just as they haven’t been able to come up with the answers to simple logical questions that I’m sure people have been asking them for around this same amount of time.


I am continuing Christ’s teachings from basically where he left off! I have found the Biggest translation error in the Bible that was actually put there on purpose by those who actually created the church.

I am also able to describe in detail how Christ lived based on various ways in which he taught. Another things the church can’t seem to do even though they have had plenty of time to figure it out.

I believe that everyone should be Responsible and figure out the Truth on their own while the church believes that everyone should just believe them because they said so. I try to live by what I am teaching as much as possible, while the church contradicts ALL of the values, they teach, that are meant to get us back to a Purer state of mind!


Like I said, I believe everyone should figure it out on their own, but I really think that would take a long time to do, based on how I had to do it. So, I am giving the option of Logical Truths for others to build up from since our current society is based on very little Truth.

It is impossible to build on Truth, thru comparison, if your first ‘Truth’ was a lie to start with. Very soon many are going to start realizing how far from reality we really are.

We are born into this world Curious and full of Integrity (Honesty)! We learn very quickly that in many situations being Honest will get you in trouble, spanked, etc. The first time around many kids will question what they did wrong because much of the time they Honestly don’t understand the first time.

Many kids then also get punished for talking back or for questioning their parents, who are already upset and probably don’t feel the child has that right! This whole idea of not having any respect for our own children is trained into us, in many ways, thru society itself and so we raise our kids on societies standards.

Kids don’t like to get punished and so they learn almost immediately that lying will keep them from having to accept any Responsibility for their actions! After doing this a couple times it becomes a habit for the rest of their life!

You can see this very clearly today in societies all over the world, but mostly in America, where everything that the Bible was ‘Originally’ against, we ARE LIVING like there is no tomorrow!

Thank you, church, for giving us Great guidance in being TOTAL Hypocrites!

Was that sarcasm? Truth? Or Both?

Much of the time in our society today, sarcasm is simply a Truth that no one wants to admit!

The Church built this country, so I must give ‘Praise?’ where it belongs!

Have a Great Day!


The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

The Pet-Peeve Disorder That Humanity Has Had for Millennium – Unleashed

The Church is full of people, diagnosed with this disorder, based on how they talk, what they talk about, and by accepting the illusion presented to them by the church itself!

This illusion they buy into is of a God, that will come save them from themselves, and then treat them like they treat their own pets:

  • Their God saying, ‘I Love You!’ and then turning around and treating them like sh!t!
  • They desire a Master that will ‘Tell them what to do’ so that they themselves don’t have to be Responsible in ‘Thinking for Themselves’!
  • They desire a life, that has a ‘Wonderful’ description of how ‘Great’ it will be for them and all they have to do is sit around being ‘un-productive’ in this life, while waiting for that one!
  • The fact that this God wants to take them somewhere else away from Earth should be proof in itself that their own ‘God’ isn’t ‘Responsible’ enough himself to fix the problems that, ‘ the Creation of humanity’ (that he is claiming as his own creation) has created for the rest of Nature on his planet!
  • They have been fed into the belief that ‘sometime soon’ and imposter for the ‘Gandolf look-a-like’ contest will come floating down out of the sky and beam them up to the Star Ship Enterprise and take them to some far-off Nebula, that probably looks pretty cool from the ‘True Gods’ planet of Earth!

..And of course Big Pharma shows up before I even finish the description with ‘something to ease the pain’! 🙂

Have a Great Day!

Got any thoughts of your own on this subject?

The Truth Has Never Been Clearer

  • “If you can believe in yourself,
  • But focus on helping others,
  • Then you have the ability,
  • To change the world!”  – Doug Chandler

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Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church (10) – Unleashed

God is against Pride!

In the Bible though it talks about God’s wrath (anger)!

Maybe someone should inform God that ‘Anger’ is derived from ‘Pride’, so that He will stop being so Prideful!

My accumulated questions can be found on this page….

Things That Didn’t Make Sense to Me While Growing Up Under the Indoctrinations of the Church (9) – Unleashed

The Church says that the Bible is completely True!

In Romans 13 it says that ALL government officials are sent from God! (I will explain Romans in another post)

Which would mean that ALL our presidents were sent from God and ALL government officials in other countries are sent from God also!

Too bad All these people ‘sent from God’ can’t ever get along!

My accumulated questions can be found on this page….