The Justice System – Unleashed

I think the best Justice system in the world is the one that is built right into Nature itself! In this system you are re-incarnated as the animal you eat the most of.  You can see many justices being served off of this brilliant idea! I don’t eat much meat now, but when I did,Continue reading “The Justice System – Unleashed”


Disease Building on Truths in life is very important today because we are in a society that is about 90% Indoctrination! Truth becomes a part of you and you don’t have to remember it! Indoctrinating ideas all have to be either held in memory or are unnatural habits in your life! We get to aContinue reading “Alzheimer’s”

New Thoughts and Poems!

“If you believe in nothing, then I guess you have found your calling. Your name will be written down, In a book where nothing ‘Matters’! Congratulations on becoming something.” – Doug Chandler A god that expects to be worshipped, Can easily be Controlled, Just take away his worshippers, And now he has nothing! – DougContinue reading “New Thoughts and Poems!”

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