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The Core Teachings of Christ Will Blow Your Mind – Unleashed

To put it very simple, Jesus was trying to get us back to a state of mind that all of us have already experienced but were just too young at the time to understand it!  Jesus understood that anyone could do this because we have all already been there, done that, we just lacked the knowledge at the time to understand it.

Jesus had nothing whatsoever to do with religion and he almost completely destroyed the church (True History of The Church) while helping others to understand that if they wanted to be like he was, all they had to do was to lose some bad traits they had gotten from society and simply become who they once were.  Because it was through people now having some experiences in life, that they didn’t have when they were babies, that really makes all the difference.

Once you attain getting back to this childhood mindset, it will absolutely blow your mind and you will start seeing the Truth in all things and you start learning faster than you have ever learned anything in your life!  It is completely amazing, and it is the REAL meaning behind being ‘born again’!  By following in his footsteps, I am learning so much, so quickly, that it is simply ridiculous, and it is all from my own experiences in life!  I don’t need to learn anything from anyone else because I’m already learning too much from myself!  LOL

It’s like my mind has been recording everything in my life and now I am getting access to it!  And each of those experiences I just keep learning more and more from as I understand life at deeper levels!  It is too bad that almost 50 years of my life were caught up in the church’s indoctrinations.

-Doug Chandler

What are your thoughts on this?

Deception Built into Our Language – Unleashed

There is so much deception in the English language and even in phrases that it is simply ridiculous, and these deceptive ideas are to keep people from learning the Truth about themselves!

One of these phrases is ‘The truth is out there’.  This implies that you must look around the world to find the truth.  The Truth comes from within and is derived from your own personal experiences as you become more Honest with yourself like Jesus was with himself!

The more Honest you become with yourself, the more Honest you can be with others!  And as the saying goes, ‘the Truth hurts’, well, so does becoming Honest with yourself because as you do, you will start to discover the massive amounts of lies we are living today!  It is actually mind boggling that we have fallen so far from the Truth!

It takes a responsible person to become Honest with themselves!

A little over 2 years ago I came out of an Autistic state I had put myself in 30 years earlier, and as I came out of it I started questioning all of my own beliefs searching for ideas that actually made sense!  Almost everything I had been taught was based on one lie or another and I speak out against Christianity, of today, because of the massive indoctrinations that I was manipulated into through being raised on Christianity itself!  So, I am determining Truth through my own personal experiences! 

Each person, based off of their personal experiences, can determine their own Truths!  The Truth is that we learn BEST from our own personal experiences and this idea actually destroys our own educational system in the fact that ‘You are your own best teacher’.  And yes, our educational system is merely an indoctrination into making everyone think the same way so that they are more easily Controlled!  If you learn from your personal experiences, then that means that everyone would be learning different things!  Kind of hard to Control that, wouldn’t you say?

The Truth NEVER changes!

The only thing that changes is our own definition of it!

If 1,000 people, all from different time lines, wrote in absolute Honesty, they would never actually contradict each other!  This is the basis for the church saying that the Bible never contradicts itself, even though it actually does because large portions of the Bible were written by people that were not Honest, but were in fact just trying to lay down indoctrinating ideas to Control peoples beliefs.

A clear example of this is Romans 13 that says ALL government officials are sent from God… LOL

The common Truths among all religions, that I know of, are the SAME moral values that are taught through all religions!  I.E. The Truth NEVER Changes!

But then they expand into their own twisted belief system that always has some kind of Controlling factor on the masses!  Trying to Control other people’s beliefs is NOT Natural!

Nature is Natural, and it is even in the name!

When you think about it from the Biblical perspective, God created all of nature, and then created man…oops!

Man is the destructive power behind all things in the world through greed, hate, and other UNNATURAL ideas!

If it wasn’t for humanity, earth would be a lush green planet without all the problems that humanity has created for it!  Animals do not have the capacity for hate or other unnatural ideas unless we train it into them!

Birds will fly away from a storm because of instinct they say, but what it really is, is their own Clear connection with God who is in all living things!  So, in short, God guides them away from the storm!

To have a Clearer connection with God himself, we must think more naturally, like animals do, to get a Clearer form of guidance!

Guidance and Control are NOT the same thing!

Guidance is where God gives you the choice to responsibly choose your own outcome in a situation!  Control is where you are simply expected to do something without question!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

Actions Are Purer Than Words – Unleashed

I’ve found that in the world today that people do a whole lot of talking and spend very little time actually doing what they are talking about which simply means that they are wasting their own life just sitting around ‘talking about it’!

If it is a good idea, I will often catch on really quickly, go out and do it myself, then come back to still hear them talking about doing it!

Talk is Cheap and very unproductive in most people’s cases!  At some point you need to man-up and get your ass in gear and get it done!

And here is the funny part!

Sometimes those same people that see me putting their ideas into motion will then try to dissuade me from doing it!  LOL..  I guess there is no shortage of goofballs out there… ahahaha!

Anyways enough of talking about them!  Back to the subject!

Unfortunately, the words ‘I Love You’ are thrown around carelessly today by people who don’t even understand Real Love!  They fail to show the ‘I Love You’ in their own actions!  Or they fear of what people might think if it is shown publicly!  This isn’t True Love, just a bunch of talk!

I myself have an issue with this as society has taught me my whole life that I should care about what other people think!  It is a hard thing to get past and I admire anyone who has overcome this obstacle presented by society!

So, about a year ago I came up with the idea of printing out business cards that said on one side “Give Someone a Hug Today” and on the other side it said “Pass It On”!

I myself wasn’t courageous enough to walk up to a complete stranger, give them one of these cards, and then give them a hug!  So instead, I just started leaving them laying around for others to pick up and hopefully ‘Pass It On’!

To my surprise, on the day I started doing this, I had left a card on a bike trail then walked a couple of miles into town!  Roughly 2-3 hours after I had left a card on that trail, while I was walking across a QFC parking lot, a kid (about 10) rode up to me on his bike and handed me the card I had left a couple of miles away!  This just blew my mind and confirmed to me that this was actually an awesome idea to help spread positivity in a world that was almost entirely negative!

The kid handed me the card and as I turned to walk away, he said “Aren’t you forgetting something?”  I turned back and he gave me a Great Big Hug!  I will never forget that day because it just shows the Power of Positivity and that kids are actually Braver than most adults in the fact that they don’t worry so much about what others think!  This is a Purity in kids that has been lost to most adults because after all, we are most Pure at birth and from there we just keep getting manipulated and coursed out of that Purity by societies messed up ways!  Our own educational system has a lot to do with Controlling us and driving out our Purities over time!

Creative Positive ideas like this can really change people’s lives because as more and more people do it the more positivity that is spread around!

Some will argue with this but that is just their own insecurities at play and some may even try to twist it way out of proportion simply because they are cowards, and well, cowards have an excuse for everything they aren’t willing to try!

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

Relationship Advice for Men – Unleashed

For Men – All Women would agree

If you want to have a Great relationship with a woman then you need to start doing a few things that many men are not used to doing!

Just over a year ago, I saved a puppy from someone that was abusing her!

I immediately took off all her restraints and also the leash, when I wasn’t near roadways!

I gave her the freedom that all species deserve, and for that, she stuck by my side and never tried to run away!  This whole ‘owning’ an animal mentality is not natural and is against natures laws of equality!  They are our friends and should be treated as well as any friend should!

2 days into having her with me, I figured out that she was completely deaf!  The guy I had saved her from had her for a few months and was constantly yelling at her and getting pissed off at her because she never responded to him!  If only he would have let her be free and let her off the restraints so she could play, then maybe he would have realized that she was deaf!

Anyways, I started taking her to dog parks so she could socialize with other dogs!  I respected her as an equal and tried to never talk down to her!  By doing this at dog parks, I started to draw a lot of attention to myself!  And many very beautiful women, less than half my age, started giving their phone numbers to me!  I wasn’t trying to get their phone numbers, but they gave them to me anyways!

I’m not like one of these models or actors on TV, so what was happening had nothing to do with my looks!  After a while I figured out what it was!

I treated my puppy friend with more respect than most men treat women and those women saw this very quickly!

So, men, start respecting women and start also to be completely honest with them!  Stop trying to be that tough guy all the time!

I think you will find amazing results if you do this!

Also, if you expect women to do something that you are unwilling to do yourself, then you need to Grow up and become a Real Man!  Because Real men never expect someone else to change their diapers for them!  Start changing your own!  Except for breast feeding because that probably won’t work out to well!

In other words, if you think it is below you to share in doing things like dishes, laundry, cooking or cleaning, then just wait until someone like me comes along and watch her leave you for him!  Then you will be forced to man up or you’ll just turn into an irresponsible slob!

-Doug Chandler

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler

A New Positive Educational System – Unleashed

A NEW Positive Educational System Will Start with Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability to process information, in your mind, without having to navigate around conflicts in your mind. Most conflicts in our minds are unnatural ideas that are promoted by various aspects of society. This is why children learn faster than adults because these unnatural ideas haven’t been programmed into them yet.

So, Intelligence is the speed at which we process information!  In short, children are actually more intelligent than most adults! This proof is in how fast they learn, which actually slows down as they grow older and get manipulated into the ways of society.

Imagine This:

You are a child again in school.

You are in math class and need some help, but instead of a teacher, who has 30+ other kids to teach as well, helping you out, another kid comes over that is just a few grades above you and starts helping you out on a personal level in getting through some math problems.

Because this other student has passed this part of the class, that makes them a great teacher in math itself.

So, they help you out with some of the same problems they just had recently of their own. They understand these problems clearer than most teachers because they have experienced them, from the same point of view, so recently.

You go into another class and are taught once again in this way by another student!

This being taught by multiple other students would develop trust in them by you. It would also develop a form of respect for them as your teachers. The bonds between different age groups would simply be amazing. It would start to feel like they were your brothers and sisters.

Bullying would go away very quickly because kids trying to gain control over others like that would be shut down very quickly by that kids’ mentors.

The kids helping to teach the younger students would have a sense of accomplishment because they were responsible in helping other kids learn what they previously have learned.

Because kids would be getting taught by other students, they would start to feel more like family and would respect each other more. Age groups wouldn’t separate themselves from each other as much.

Friendships and trust in others would flourish on a level that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. Family values would start to come back as we start accepting others into our lives as family, whether by blood or not.

Kids would actually learn much faster and become much more creative!

Psychologically, kids don’t like teachers so much because teachers are very controlling! But when your teacher is someone who is very close to your same age, then that teacher will become a friend! This form of learning would give the younger students a chance to find better ways of doing things that would be more acceptable by the older student because they aren’t set in their ways yet.

In short, students would find more creative ways of doing things to accomplish a goal! The curriculum would evolve on its own.  Much better than trying to learn the exact same thing as the next kid through some kind of textbook.

This would also allow students to learn at their own speed rather than trying to force them to learn at the same speed through the use of Big Pharma’s drugs.

Since these are basic skills being taught, textbooks would start to become a thing of the past. We would learn more of the things we are actually interested in rather than being told what to learn.

Kids would pursue an education based off their own interests and would quickly become leaders in those fields because they aren’t wasting their own time on things that don’t interest them.

Young minds WANT to learn, they just don’t want to be told (controlled) what to learn. This is one of the problems in school today is kids are NOT naturally interested in being taught something they have no interest in. When you try to teach all kids along the same line of education, this is called indoctrination.

Those who are in control of society today don’t like this idea because it takes away their control by helping kids to think freely. Free thinking is a way of the future, whether these control junkies like it or not!

This way of teaching would also make more sense than our current way of teaching with more advanced skills!

Have you noticed today that kids go into an expensive college to learn a skill (career) and then once they learn it from a textbook, they then go out into the world, try to do what they have learned, to find out that they don’t really want to do that!

But now they are 10’s of thousands, on average, into debt from learning something they had never tried in the first place to see if they liked it.

What a poor way to start out your independent life, in massive debt! The frustration and stress this creates in their life is absolutely phenomenal, holding them down from what could have been huge potential.

But what if there was a different way that makes far more sense?

Why would you clog up the mind of someone with geometry if all they want to do is learn how to garden?

Meeting a person on their level of interest isn’t really that hard to do!

This way of learning would also allow individuals to learn multiple skills much faster because they would have the opportunity to try something before they commit to an idea they have never tried in real life.

You see, we actually learn best through actually doing it, not by being taught it. Also, by learning through the action of doing something, it develops a freer way of thinking.

In today’s world, diversification in work skills is a must! It is always best to have something to fall back to if your current choice in career becomes obsolete.

So what would this advanced form of learning entail?

I believe the best wording for this would be ‘Try it before you buy it!’

A simple example is this:

A kid is interested in Gardening!

So, find that gardener in your family or network of friends and have your kid go with them to work! Your kid will either become more interested in it by trying it or they will realize that it wasn’t really something they had interest in! Either way, they could do this at any age, regardless of what level of class they are in! In other words, a 12-year-old might find their life’s calling long before they are out of school saving future debts from college, or even wasted money from their parents.

If you love to do something, then you will excel at it regardless of whether you have a high school education or not! This would cause kids to start becoming far more successful in life at a much younger age. The beauty of this is they will also enjoy what they are doing!

Isn’t this the whole point of life in the first place?

So, let’s start thinking smarter and start doing the things we love to do rather than let society determine it for us!

I have found my calling in life and have phrased it up in a simple saying!

-Doug Chandler

“If you can believe in yourself,

But focus on helping others,

Then you have the ability,

To change the world!” – Doug Chandler