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I Am Autistic – Unleashed


  • When I get overwhelmed,
  • I will often go somewhere private,
  • And break down crying,
  • I am Autistic.
  • This means that I don’t do it,
  • To get others attention.
  • I don’t use people but instead,
  • Respect them and care about them,
  • I am Autistic.
  • I will never feed into your self-deception,
  • To keep your feelings from getting hurt,
  • Because that is not what a True friend does,
  • So, I will be Honest with you,
  • Even if you don’t like it!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I write in Truth,
  • Because that is the only way that I know how!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I spend most of my time,
  • Thinking about others welfare,
  • Because that is my Natural way of thinking!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I shy away from the rest of society,
  • Because I am very True to myself,
  • And it is hard to associate,
  • With those that are not!
  • I am Autistic.
  • I don’t allow negative attributes,
  • From society to enter my head,
  • Because of this my mind remains clean,
  • And processes information quicker!
  • I am Autistic.
  • When I get around to much technology or people,
  • I will often try to focus on one thing.
  • It is because I am taking in more information,
  • Than most can comprehend.
  • I don’t want to get overwhelmed again,
  • Because I don’t want to have to find a place,
  • that is private,
  • Where I can cry again!
  • I am Autistic.

How about you?


How To Truly Experience Life – Unleashed

Isn’t the whole point of life to experience it to the fullest?

My Mentor taught me to ‘question everything’, and in order for him to live by his own teaching, he had to first question the indoctrinations of the church of his time that he was raised on! This was the Roman church that controlled the Roman Empire!

My Mentor was very LOGICAL in all of his teachings! The reason he was logical is because logic always leads to the Truth! And Truth is the God that is within us all!

Today, for me to live up to his teachings, I had to also look back at my life and question all of the indoctrinations of the current church that I had been raised on for almost 50 years!

I found that roughly 80% of my life was built on lies!

This questioning of what you have been raised on is what it means to become ‘Honest with yourself’!

Once you FREE your mind of these conflicts (lies) within it, your own mind will increase in speed by at least 10 times what it currently is! And if you follow some of my mind expanding techniques, then it will keep increasing exponentially for the rest of your life!

This is completely backwards from a society that is getting dumber by the day!

Once you start looking at life from a very logical point of view, you will realize that all these ‘Fears’, that we are constantly being bombarded with, are simply there to keep us under control!

I placed in my own mind an idea, a long time ago, that I would try anything at least once for the experience alone! And that I would work on conquering my biggest personal fears because once you conquer your biggest fears, the rest are pretty easy! Also once you conquer your personal fears it puts life into a whole new perspective.

The more fears I conquer, the more fearless I become! This opens up a whole new world of experiences just about anywhere I go!

What do people on their death-bed often regret? The things they never did or not trying the things they were afraid to do!

If you are afraid to experience life, don’t push those fears onto your children because that is unfair to them! Get out and live a lot!!!

Don’t be a scared little pansy because of ‘what-ifs’! This is their control over your mind and they want you to FEAR EVERYTHING so they can easily control you! This is where you should pipe up and defend them just like you were trained to do! LOL 😛

Have a Great Day Full of NEW Experiences!